Screenshots are easy to take on iPhones, but the new iPhone 13 offers a few features that make them even easier. You will learn how to take a screenshot on your iPhone 13 in just a few easy steps in this article. 


Screenshots are an important technique for capturing your device’s screen. You can share your thoughts on a device via social media or email with family and friends.

 When it comes to the new iPhone 13 and iOS 13, taking a screenshot is more difficult than ever before. The following steps will show you how to screenshot your iPhone 13.

What is Screenshot?

A screenshot is an image of what appears on a computer screen, television, or other visual display.

Screen captures or screengrabs are also known as screen captures. A screenshot is a screenshot of an image that captures a moment or information from a video game, document, or website.

What are the different types of screenshots?

Depending on what you want to capture, there are different types of screenshots you can take. Screenshots can be classified into three types:


You can take screenshots of your device’s screen by taking a screenshot. 


Taking a picture means capturing the entire screen of your phone or tablet. 


The video format allows you to record your screen and share it and play it later.

What are annotating screenshots?

There are many useful features on the iPhone, including screenshots. Capturing a moment, demonstrating a feature of your app, or sharing something funny can be made easier with them.

It might be a good idea to fortune own unique touch to your work if you wish to share it with others. Add annotations to screenshots. To share your thoughts, ideas, and funny moments, you can now add text, shapes, and other annotations to your screenshots in iOS 13.

How to screenshot on iPhone 13? A step by Step Guide

You can take a screenshot of the new iPhone 13 by simultaneously pressing the side button and volume up button. You will be prompted to take a screenshot that will be automatically saved to your device.

Step 1

By pressing and holding the Home button and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously, you can wake your phone.

Step 2

Alternatively, you can use AssistiveTouch. If you’d like to use AssistiveTouch, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and enable it. 

You will see a small button on your screen once AssistiveTouch is enabled. After tapping the button, tap “Device”. Choose “More” then “Screenshot.”

How to take a screenshot on Apple Watch?

Taking a screenshot on an Apple Watch can be done in two ways. 

  • Press and hold the side button while simultaneously pressing and holding the Digital Crown. 
  • Alternatively, you can open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select the My Watch tab. 
  • You can then tap the General icon and scroll down to the Enable Screenshots option. 
  • You can enable screenshots by tapping the switch next to Enable Screenshots.


How to Take a screenshot on iPhone without Using Button?

It is possible to take a screenshot without buttons by using AssistiveTouch. Swipe gestures can be used to control your iPhone with your mouth using this built-in iPhone feature.

The AssistiveTouch can be accessed by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch. The AssistiveTouch feature needs to be enabled. Activate AssistiveTouch. You are now ready to swipe right. You can find this by tapping Device > More > Device. Select AssistiveTouch from the More options menu.

Why can’t I take a screenshot on my iPhone?

You may be unable to take a screenshot using your iPhone for a few reasons.

  •  The first possibility is that the feature might not be available because it is so old. The feature is not available on iPhones before the 5s, but you can update your phone to the latest version. 
  • A second reason might be that it has been disabled. You can check this by opening the Settings app and selecting General, then Accessibility. 

What is the Trick to taking screenshots on iPhone?

The most important thing to keep in mind when taking screenshots is to ensure that the content you want to capture is visible on the screen. Even though it seems obvious, it is easy to forget in the heat of the moment.

 Be sure to take a few seconds to plan and pause before clicking the button if you’re not sure what you want to capture.

The tools can be used to crop, rotate, or annotate your screenshot, which is useful if you want to highlight a particular area or add some context.


The following is a quick overview of how to screenshot iPhone 13 for those who are wondering how to do it. By pressing the volume up and down buttons simultaneously on the side of the phone, you will be able to change the volume. To tell that you’ve taken a screenshot, the screen will flash and the camera shutter sound will be heard.

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