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Do your employees know how much you appreciate them? Employee appreciation is something managers often forget about, but it’s seriously important when it comes to staff morale.

Many employees say they want to be appreciated at work—it’s one of the top requests, along with respect, trust, and mentoring opportunities.

Want to learn more about how you can show your staff you care? Keep reading to find some great ways to show employee appreciation—even on a budget.

Thank Them

It sounds obvious, but it’s something managers sometimes forget—if someone has done a good job, thank them! Either tell them verbally or in an email that they did a fantastic job and that you appreciate their hard work.

For extra acknowledgment, you can also thank them publicly, at a staff meeting, or even on social media. This is a free way to show employee appreciation and it will mean a lot to your staff member.

Provide an Office Lunch

Everyone loves free food, so why not treat your team to a lunch, after-work drinks, or donuts and coffee? Although it seems like a small thing, everyone is happy to get a free meal, so it’s an easy way to say thanks.

Plus, getting the team together is helpful for networking and socializing, helping your team connect and develop a stronger bond. Just be sure to host the event during office hours, so people aren’t asked to come in on their own time for a work event.

Give a Small Gift

Often, giving a gift can be a great way to say thanks—large companies can even manage their employee rewards with a system like the AXOMO platform, which makes the process easier.

A gift doesn’t need to cost a fortune, since it’s the thought that counts. Give your staff member something thoughtful, like a gift card to the local coffee shop or a plant for their desk.

You’ll want to also give them a thank you card, outlining why you’re so appreciative of their work and letting them know they’re valued.

Offer Them New Opportunities

Showing employee appreciation can also mean career and training opportunities. Many staff work hard because they’re hoping for a promotion, a raise, or new tasks to take on at work.

Rewarding talented staff with an amazing professional development course or the chance to move up into a new role is one of the best things you can do. This may also help them stay with the company longer, since they feel valued and appreciated.

Show Employee Appreciation to Your Staff With These Tips

Employee appreciation is something all companies, large and small, should consider. Your staff work long hours, day in and out, working on behalf of the business, so they need to know their work is valued.

Use these tips to develop an employee appreciation strategy for your company, helping staff feel connected, appreciated, and important.

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By Sambit