stream on Twitch

Would you like to start your Twitch career? Streaming is a fun and easy activity that can bring fortunes to those who are constant in their work and provide qualitative content. Not to say that many successful streamers started with cheap equipment. Once they grow their business they manage to buy expensive streaming devices and even start powerful marketing campaigns. In this blog, you will know How to stream on Twitch.

Some of them earn thousands while others millions just by doing what they love. It sounds fun, easy, and accessible but, what do you need to start your live streaming career? Find your answers by checking the next article.

Creating a Twitch account

Creating a Twitch account is just as easy as opening an online player account on Jackpot City. Complete the registration form to start streaming. Once you’ll hit the register button, you’ll be asked to provide:

  • A username – make sure to create an eye-catching/interesting one
  • A password – create a strong password to secure your account better. Use capital letters,  small letters, punctuation signs, and numbers
  • The password confirmation – in this field all you need to do is to re-write the password
  • Birthday – select the day, the month and write the year you were born 
  • Phone Number – add your phone number. Make sure is a valid one as it has to be verified
  • E-mail address – if you aren’t too excited to give your phone number for verification, provide a valid email 

The last step will be to hit the registration button and you got your profile set up. Then, add your profile picture and create an interesting streaming page. 

Enable two-factor authentication

Besides a strong password, to have a secured account, you’ll need to enable the two-step authentication process. What is this exactly? You will protect your account with an extra layer. You can log in with info you already know such as your email/username/password and a device (mobile phone). 

After you provide the info, a message will pop up on your phone asking if you allow registering on your account via phone. This 2FA is a very common process and it’s the safest one as none can hack your account and you are the single one that has direct access to it. To enable the 2FA on Twitch, you’ll need to:

  • Click on the Two-Factor Authentication and enable the function 
  • Provide your valid phone number if you didn’t do it in the registration form 
  • Enter the code received on your phone. It will consist of 7 digits
  • Then, you should go to Apple Store or Google Play and download any authentication app 
  • You’ll be given a QR code that has to be scanned
  • After scanning the QR, you’ll receive a code

Software for live streaming

The best software you can use is Twitch Beta Studio, an app created for all types of those who want to stream faster, easier and safer. It’s super easy to use and it doesn’t come with lots of benefits. It’s free and fast to download from or from the studio on your MAC or other PC. Like any other software you’ll find on the market, there are some minimum requirements such as Windows 7, 4+ GB of RAM, and lastly a 4 core INTEL/AMD.

 As Twitch is constantly upgrading its streaming application, the requirements can change in time. Sometimes bugs may appear when you use the Beta Studio but, there is the option to report them and get some professional help. You may even give your opinion on the app or ask support for some help.

Type of hardware when broadcasting

The hardware is another important component when it comes to streaming on Twitch. If it’s an old one, it won’t move as fast as you’d like and you may not stream lag-free. The platform itself stated that the best hardware recommendations are versatile and affordable for many streamers. 

You can use a computer for a flawless stream that has a great video and audio interface. Other specs include even laptops like ASUS TUF/ROG or even MAC. For instance, an AMD or Intel processor from the 5th generation is a great start to stream. When you stream via the hardware you stream the sound and the video altogether. 

The sources for the video and sound join together to start the stream. This hardware can be compared with a box that has lots of components, including the CPU and other audio and visual technical components. A recommended hardware may be the Pearl Mini system.


You set up everything and now you need to buy the best devices to start your Twitch Adventure. Start with a microphone first and then with a camera. These two components may get a little bit expensive but they will serve as a bridge between you and the viewers. The microphone may be a little bit cheaper and it has to provide clear sounds. You can opt for a USB or an XLR microphone. 

Before buying a device like that, take a look at its frequency response, filter, and how you can link it to your laptop/PC. The best product will cover a 360 degrees coverage angle and it should catch only your voice. The polar pattern can be omnidirectional, cardiod, and bidirectional. This means that the sounds are perceived differently. 


After the mic, it’s time to buy a camera that will capture your motion, face, gestures, and so on. An HQ product is highly demanded of a professional stream. People tend to fancy the ones made by Logitech, Sony, and Panasonic as they come with high-end features. 

That includes a high display resolution,  60 fps video, fixed focus feature, and even some software that can be downloaded and used to make the image better. For the beginning, you can opt for a cheap camera that will start from 80 USD and once you start to be popular and earn some money from Twitch to buy a better one. 


As many people find it hard to start their stream on Twitch, others are more than thrilled to jump in this universe. If you already have the software, great hardware, a microphone, and a camera, you are good to go. Think about a niche you’ll like to work on, analyze your competition and improve your content faster to catch more and more followers on your channels.