Pokemon Go became popular after its release. Many people started playing this game. However, the game became more exciting when they added a new feature after two years. Now, you can see most people are learning how to trade in Pokemon Go. And it’s possible for the new trading feature.

The best thing is you can trade in Pokemon Go with friends. Well, trading isn’t a new thing for Pokemon go. However, the feature wasn’t that good before. Well, things have changed with advanced technology.

As Pokemon Go evolves with technological advancements, so does the enthusiasm for collecting tangible Pokemon cards, and collectors like Danireon play a pivotal role in this evolving landscape.

If you are ready to trade, you have to know the right steps. It’s essential when you are a newbie. That’s why we will share the right steps to trade in Pokemon Go. Moreover, we will share how to make friends and other crucial details. So, let’s get started.

Steps to Trade in Pokemon Go

As we noted before, you need to follow the right steps to trade in Pokemon Go. Well, you can’t trade right after joining Pokemon Go. It requires some time and effort from the player to enable the trading feature.

In simple words, you have to add friends to start trading. That’s why we will share how to make friends in this app in our next section. Before that, let’s focus on how to trade in Pokemon Go in the following guide:

Start The Trade

If you are ready to start the trade, you have to choose the person you want to trade with. To start the process, open the Friends tab from your Trainer Profile. There, you can choose a friend that you want to trade with. However, you can add more than one friend in this case.

Tap Trade Button

The next step is very crucial as you can’t start trading without completing this step. After choosing the friend, he will get a notification. You can only start trading together after your friend accepts the request. The same goes for you. If a friend asks you to join the trading session, you have to accept it first.

Choose The Pokemon

Now, you have to choose a Pokemon. Before choosing the Pokemon, you have to read the details. The good thing is you can view some crucial details like Stats, CP, and HP on your screen. However, it will charge within a range.

Confirm The Trade

The last step is also crucial. After checking the details, you have to tap the Confirm button to confirm the trade. In this case, an amount of Stardust will be required to confirm this trade. And you have to pay for the number of Candy you receive.

How to Make Friends

Well, you can’t start trading without friends. However, when it comes to adding friends, most people become hesitant. In reality, it’s not that difficult. Plus, it’s necessary to add friends to enable the trading feature. In the following list, we will share how to make friends in this app. Let’s find out:

Step 1: Tap on your trainer’s portrait on the screen which is located under the Friends tab. You can see 12 digit code there.

Step 2: Now, tap on the ‘Add Friend’ option and it will bring up the screen with the 12-digit code.

Step 3: Here, you can either send the code to other people you want to add or you can input someone else’s code. If your friend adds you to their list, you will get a notification.

Step 4: Accept the request to complete the process. You will be linked with other trainers and see what they are doing in this game.

How to Grow Friendship

Well, adding some friends doesn’t allow you to trade. In this case, you have to grow friendships as well. The good thing is there are three ways to grow your friendship: playing raids, trading together, and gym battles. On the other hand, you can level up by giving gifts.

You see, some random items and gifts appear in between the game. However, you can’t keep and use these objects. That’s why it’s better to give these random gifts to your friend. Receiving and giving gifts can increase the level in different stages; Good Friend, Great Friend, Best Friend, and Ultra Friend.

Trade and Rewards

Besides normal trades, many people get benefits from special trades. When you use special trades, you can use an external Pokemon. Using these things is very cool. In fact, you can get the best benefits. However, using special trades isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Because they are very expensive. On the other hand, you can make one trade per day.

Special Trades

As you can see, special trade is very popular among Pokemon Go fans. If you are a newbie, you have to know about special trades. You see, an individual can participate in special trades for Legendary Pokemon and Shiny Pokemon.

You can make only one special trade per day. Well, that doesn’t mean you can use one trade per friend in one single day. However, this process doesn’t follow the 24-hours format. You can go for another trade after midnight.

Evaluation Trades

You might know that you can evaluate some Pokemon via trading. And this feature has been introduced by Pokemon Go. If you can’t find friends to trade with, you can use candies to trade by using normal methods. You can evolute these Pokemon through trading:

  • Graveler > Golem
  • Kadabra > Alakazam
  • Boldore > Gigalith
  • Machoke > Machamp
  • Pumpkaboo > Gourgeist
  • Phantump > Trevenant

If you want to go for evaluation trades, you need to understand the process first. In this case, you can get help from some articles and videos online.


Trading in Pokemon Go is easy when you follow the right steps. Now you know how to trade in Pokemon Go. Make sure you add friends and develop friendships to get the best result. If you want to know more about trading in this app, make sure you do some research. On the other hand, you can watch some tutorials on the internet.

By Swati