how to transfer ownership on discord

Discord is an excellent app to connect with others and improve the existing network of people sharing similar thoughts or interests. However, servers may sometimes have hundreds or thousands of members to make, and maintaining a big community is a challenging task. Moreover, people may transfer their Discord ownership because they do not dedicate enough time to moderate the server. In such cases, you may transfer ownership of your Discord server. Now the question is how to transfer ownership on discord based on the device you own.

The Requirement to Fulfill to Transfer Discord Ownership

Before you should follow the steps related to how to transfer ownership on discord, you should know the tools you require. Once you get the tool, you may transfer Discord ownership via Mac or Windows, browser, and Android or iOS app. However, merely a permission-packed role or a Discord moderator does not let you transfer your ownership. In simple words, you cannot own the Discord server by simply getting privileges for it. In simple words, only the owner of a Discord server may transfer his ownership. Each server remains limited to a maximum of four owners. Even though you may find a server without an owner but the service may eventually delete it. If you want to continue with the existing server, you have to transfer your server ownership to another member.

how to transfer ownership on discord

Steps of How to transfer ownership on discord Server on MacOS and Windows 10 Apps

Discord is a type of gaming-focused VoIP application primarily developed for every Windows gaming platform. Later, the platform has grown at a fast rate so that many cryptocurrency-oriented ventures may use the platform to communicate with communities. Today, the app is available also on Apple computers and laptops. Hence, users of Windows and macOS Apps have to follow the same Discord ownership transfer method. Here, you will know the steps of how to transfer ownership on discord easily and quickly to any other server member via Mac or Discord Windows app.

  1. Open your Discord app and use the server list present in your left hand to navigate to its server.
  2. Right-click on the icon of the Discord server.
  3. Hover on the entry of Server Settings
  4. Check the side menu to click on Members, which will pop up
  5. Search the Discord server member to whom you want to transfer your ownership and hover on your entry
  6. Click on the icon showing three-dot corresponding to the Discord app
  7. Select the option of Transfer Ownership and confirm it.

Steps for how to transfer ownership on discord on Chromebook

Chrome OS devices do not have any separate Discord app, as Chromebooks are often based on browsers. Hence, how to transfer ownership of discord on your Chromebook. The answer is you may access Discord by using your browser as well. You have to use the log-in option on the website to log into your existing account, as you do for any other service or app. Alternatively, you may use a QR code provided by the login screen of Discord if you do not want to use your login credentials. Users should use their mobile app to scan the QR code and login into Discord by following the mentioned steps-

how to transfer ownership on discord

  1. Visit and click on Open Discord in your web browser.
  2. You will get a QR code.
  3. Use your tablet or Smartphone and open your Discord app
  4. Look at the bottom and right corner of your device screen for navigating to the profile icon
  5. Choose Scan QR Code
  6. Use the camera of your device to verify that the QR code displayed on your Chromebook screen remains within the white triangle on your tablet or smartphone.
  7. Confirm to trust the Chromebook device in question
  8. Once you logged in, you have to follow the steps outlined for Mac/Windows app for transferring your Discord server ownership.

Steps to Transfer a Discord Server Ownership on Android or iOS App

Everyone knows that apps used on Android and iOS devices have some differences. However, the trend associated with app development has changed so that Android apps resemble their counterparts in iOS apps. One such example is the Discord app operated on a mobile or tablet. Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, the steps to transfer ownership remain the same across the board. The steps you should follow to to know how to transfer ownership on discord on the iOS or Android app are-

  1. Open the Discord VoIP application on your device and log in to your existing Discord account.
  2. Check the list to select the server to which you choose to transfer Discord ownership.
  3. Swipe towards the left for bringing up your channel list.
  4. Tap on the icon present near the server’s name at the top of your device’s screen.
  5. Select the option of Settings.
  6. Scroll down the section of User Management and tap on Members
  7. Tap the user’s name to transfer the ownership
  8. Tap on Transfer Ownership and confirm it.

how to transfer ownership on discord

What to do When there is No Discord Corner

Every Discord server has its owner at every point, as Discord users cannot create a server without an owner. However, if the sole Discord server owner chooses to delete his account without transferring its ownership, the server may continue ownerless only for a while. During this period, members of the respective ownerless server may use it but they have to take certain measures timely. Otherwise, Discord will delete the server automatically. In this way, server members may get full privileges identical to their owners but cannot get ownership. In this situation, you have to contact Discord support and ask to take the necessary steps. The steps to follow for submitting the request of ownership transfer to Discord Support are-

  1. Visit the page of Discord Support and select Help and Support from the What can we help section.
  2. Enter the email address that you use for your existing Discord account. If you have multiple Discord accounts, enter the address for the respective account on the Discord server in question.
  3. Select Request Ownership Transfer under your type of question
  4. Enter anything that informs that the server’s owner has deleted his account and you need assistance related to the transfer of server ownership.
  5. Under Description, you should outline the type of your problem carefully and make sure to include every relevant detail there. If you also know the username of the previous owner, never hesitate to mention it in the Description box.
  6. Depending on the latest size of the Discord server, you may choose less than or greater than 100 while entering Server Member Count.
  7. If required, add a few attachments to highlight the problem better.
  8. Click on Submit to complete your ownership transfer request.

Whether you want to delete your Discord VoIP account or simply want an additional owner, you may do so based on simple and easy steps. Ownership transfers are straightforward regardless of your app or device to access the Discord app.

By Swati