How To Trim A Cat's Nails By Yourself

Adopting a pet is not enough, being a pet parent also includes taking care of your pet and paying attention to their grooming as well. When it comes to cats, they are quite tangerine, and cutting their nails or trimming their hair becomes a hard nut to crack. If you take your cats to the veterinarian or groomer, they will not only consume your time but also it will become an expensive activity to do every month or quarterly. If we will tell you that we have an easy solution to your problem. Yes, we will tell you How To Trim A Cat’s Nails By Yourself at home. After, knowing the steps you will become a master in this art and easily trim your buddy’s nails.

Why Is It Important To Trim Cat’s Nails?

Before we move in the direction of How To Trim A Cat’s Nails By Yourself, first, you need to understand why it is important to trim your cat’s nails at home regularly.

1. Save Yourself from Scratches

Cats are fiercer and usually use their claws for scratching. They can accidentally scratch carpets, your luxury couch, or even people. If you maintain your cat’s nails regularly, you can save your home from scratches.

2. Prevention of Ingrowing Nails

What if we tell you that not trimming your cat’s nails regularly can cause pain to her? Sounds painful? But your most loved cat has to face this pain if you will not trim its nails. Overgrown nails curl and grow into the paw pads of the cats which can cause pain or even infections. Trimming a cat’s nails is important to keep your cat healthy.

3. Ease to Walk & Run

Long and excessive nails can stop your cats to walk easily or running faster. Long nails can slow down their speed and affect their balance. Trimming nails can make sure that their mobility does not affect them and that they live happily and comfortably.

How To Trim A Cat's Nails By Yourself

How To Trim A Cat’s Nails By Yourself

Now, that you understand all the facts that why it is mandatory to groom your cat’s nails, we can move forward with How To Trim A Cat’s Nails By Yourself. Trust us, it will a happy journey for both your cat and you. Taking your cat to a groomer in a different environment can make them anxious and stressed but doing it in their known environment will calm them and also make your job easy. So, here are all the things to know for How To Trim A Cat’s Nails By Yourself –

1. Preparing a Nice Environment

Before starting to trim your cat’s nails, you first create a nice environment that is quiet and excluded from outside noises. This helps to not make your cat anxious. Prepare a soft surface with a towel or blanket to offer a more secure place for the cat. Create a positive experience for your lovable cat by offering playtime or treats before and after the trimming session so the cat gets reinforced to do this activity in the future as well.

2. Assemble the Necessary Gadgets

If you want an effective result for your hard work and also make this trimming experience safe then choosing the right gadgets will definitely help you. Always go for high-quality nail clippers. It is a one-time investment and investing your money for the right and good quality product is a value for your money. You can also go for a nice cat trimmer. A good quality product will make the trimming smooth and comfortable for cats as well.

Other than a nail clipper or trimmer, you also need styptic powder or cornstarch. We know accidents can happen even when you are paying attention to your duty. Cornstarch and styptic powder will help in controlling the bleeding and clotting of the blood. It is good to keep them on your side so you don’t have to panic when such incidents happen during the trimming session.

How To Trim A Cat's Nails By Yourself

3. Before Cat’s Encounter With Nail Trim

Cats cannot take care of their paws on their own, but as their pet parent, you should make them familiar with the process so they can feel deep inside that it is for their good. You can start touching their paws and give them a nice and relaxing massage to calm your cat down. Regularly massaging the paws of your cat will make them desensitized. Also, pressing gently their claws will also help in the process.

Doing these on a regular basis can make the cat comfortable for the nail trimming, and they will not get hyper when you are doing it in actuality. On the day of trimming, prepare a nice space and soft surface where you can do this nail trim session.

4. Handling Cat & Identifying the Claws

There are various techniques by which you can hold your cat. Scruffing is one of them or you can simply cover the cat in a towel for stability. Scruffing is a process that includes holding your cat softly and loose skin at the back of its neck. This also helps to stabilize the cat.

Now you have to identify the claws which need to be trimmed. For this, you need to understand that the cat claws include various parts including the outer shell and inner quick. A quick is a sensitive part as it contains blood vessels, and nerves, which is why you should not cut the quick. Like human nails, the transparent portion of cat nails is also a dead area. You can select only that part to trim.

5. Know the Trimming Techniques

Now it’s time to trim those long nails, hold your cat, and press the pad to enlarge the claws. Find out the transparent portion and position your trimming gadget just before it. Make a quick and clean cut to that portion and do not make any cut on the quick part of the nail. Repeat the process and take a mid-break in between to relax your cat. Make sure to use sharp tools instead of dull tools and do this session in the presence of proper lighting. Don’t hurry while trimming to avoid any type of accident and unfortunate bleeding.

How To Trim A Cat's Nails By Yourself


Now that you know How To Trim A Cat’s Nails By Yourself, it will benefit you and your cat both. Not only your money and time will save but also allow you some time to groom your pet as well. After the trimming session, reward your cat with some treats and also learn some relaxing techniques to apply. Doing the trimming exercise on a regular basis can help you to do your task effectively. Also, playing games or giving them boards to scratch can make them shed their nails down naturally. Now, your pet grooming is now in your hands. Keep them groomed.

By Kriti