hunger games district map

Hunger games district map is the perceiving Panem guide and its 13 locales. Cover the substance that won’t become you. S. Panem didn’t succumb to the ocean level ascent. Also, other world catastrophes. It was given a bleak elective vision for the United States’ fate. 


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Panem rose out of the remains of different catastrophic events. And battles on a specific day in the twentieth century. 

The UN office conveyed A unit called “peacekeepers” to empower inhabitants to consent to the nation’s laws. Among the 13 areas of Panem ar, the top half is withdrawn from one another. Also, each locale builds up its own personal social and standard practices. Inhabitants once in while traveling between regions. This making many separate ways of life for the whole state. 

Also, the hunger games district map film establishment in the game. Because of potential catastrophes identified with a dangerous. Atmospheric deviation and rising ocean levels. Most of Panem’s coastline has vanished. The excess thirteen areas (12 of which are as yet inactivity) and the Capitol. 

In every one of Panem’s thirteen regions. Just as the businesses they center around. So, some well-known occupants. (particularly the Tributes United Nations organization contending in the yearly craving effort). Here is a more top to the bottom portrayal of the Capitol). 

The Capitol

The Capitol is the center point of the hunger games district map. This situated at or close to what was once Colorado. With a populace of 96,463 preceding the resistance. The Capitol is the eighth most crowded Panem zone. The Capitol is the seat of intensity for around eighty years. It is the habitation of President Panem Snow and his cupboards. These individuals are generally occupants of the Capitol. The Capitol itself has no business. However, it can turn into a mechanically progressed town. Swarmed with the status of citizens of the World Health Organization. Also, shown in exquisite style and elective articulations of riches and influence. 

The Capitol is anxious to detract from Panem’s electors, yet once in a while. Among some notable citizens in the Capitol Effie, the biographer The Bee of Paradise, and indeed President Snow. 

hunger games district map 1

It is the nearest zone close to the Capitol. It is liable for creating extravagance merchandise for the biggest town in Panem. Before the subsequent resistance. So, 82 plants opened in the primary region, delivering products consistently. With a populace of 24,315. This making it the ninth part of Panem.

 Like the second and fourth areas. The central locale is a zone where professional accolades are made. Among the most celebrated victors of the Hunger Games in the areas. Emperor Braun of Rome is the champ of the 67th Hunger Games. The 74th Hunger Games honors Glimmer and Marvel. The 75th Hunger Games honors the previous champ Cashmere Tribute to Gloss. Despite having a decent connection with and near the Capitol. So, the central region is one of the primary territories for open disobedience communication. 

hunger games district map 2

District 2, probably the wealthiest zone in Panem. It is known for its stone brickwork. The business due to its high accomplishment pace of peacekeepers and professional training. The number of inhabitants in the zone before the subsequent insubordination was distinctly around 231,354.

 The way of life of expert recognition is famous in the second locale. Since it is viewed as an honor to chip in and contend in the Hunger Games. Among the most celebrated hungry occupants of District 74. The wicked accolades Cato and Clove from the 74th Hunger Games (slaughtered later in the game). Also, previous victors solon and Enobaria. The World Health Organization by and by took an interest in the 75th Hunger Games. 

hunger games district map 3

One of the entire district opposing the Capitol is the third region. The third locale is notable for its creation of actual sciences (predominantly TVs and PCs). It is put in territories once California, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming. This region is one of the most significant, with a populace of around 195,329. 

Before the dark days, the third region was perhaps the wealthiest area in Panem; however, this episode disabled it. The third area was very affluent; however, electors carried on with an unassuming life in a unique locale with plants to give actual science. Among the most famous inhabitants of the zone, ar Beetee and Wiress, champs of different Hunger Games. In the 75th Hunger Games, each Beetee and Wires was executed.

hunger games district map 4

Region 4, including previous southern California. The conditions of the United States. Also, potentially the beachfront territories of North American nations. 

It is also accepted that the fourth region is a significant ​​Panem region. One of the fundamental zones restricted to the Capitol. Even though it has been affirmed that their eating regimen is predominantly made out of fish and salted bread. The day by day life of the four private units in the territory is obscure. Because of the absence of involvement because of the expansion of green growth. Regardless of scowling. 

And overflowed with their young lives to direct the champs. In Flanagan, the four most renowned magazines for private units in the locale. The victor of the eleventh Hunger Games and the member of the 75th Hunger Games. The champ of the 65th Hunger Games. So, the 70th Finnick Odair. Member of the fifth Hunger Games and Annie Cresta. So, the winner of the 70th Hunger Games and Finnick’s lady. It is referred to as utilizing lances as weapons. 

hunger games district map 5

The fifth region is the region answerable for the exercises, surprisingly in Panem. Since the area bears a lot of duty since it needs to give total public power. There is an electric dam inside the district. This later turned into Katniss’s objective and the agitator powers. There is no broad concurrence on the resettlement of District 5. Potentially drawing water from great lakes.

 The number of inhabitants around there is roughly 134,345. This making it the fifth most significant Panem area. In Foxface, the most acclaimed private unit in the zone. This lady from the 74th Hunger Games United Nations organization worked alone. However, once incidentally ingested noxious nighttime berries and kicked the bucket. The 38th Hunger Games United Nations office Winner Porter Millicent. Tripp consequently endured serious spinal wounds all through the opposition. So, she should wear a headrest for a mind-blowing remainder. 

hunger games district map 6

 As per reports, District 6 has a populace of 784,453. This making it the second biggest region in Panem and District 2. Items made in the area incorporate air cushion vehicles, rapid trains, stacking trains, and so forth. Maltreatment of morphine, Panem painkillers. And sedatives can create deceptive impacts, so inconveniences are necessary. Katniss additionally saw the results of fixation. 

With six champs in the male and female regions. Joined Nations offices took an interest in the 75th Hunger Games. Rather than preparing with genuine weapons. Among the numerous famous accolades for the Hunger Games. Titus in District 6, the United Nations office partook in the Nursing Sports Association’s appetite mission. Yet was in Nursingd for managing the contrary recognition. The accomplices were murdered in a torrential slide. 

hunger games district map 7

She kept on presenting with Katniss in the subsequent disobedience. Electors in District 7 are incredibly famous and are mostly acceptable at utilizing tomahawks. Also, Johanna demonstrates the capacity of this area. The seven regions altogether exploded landmines and slaughtered countless peacekeepers. The 75th Hunger Games is being held. This imparts a sign to the Capitol that the area is changing the honesty of others. It is a prohibition on it The incredible resistance of the standard?

FAQ of hunger games district map

What do the 12 districts of the Hunger Games represent?

Initially, there were 13 districts in Panem. Each area offers something different from the Capitol; for example, District 12 provides coal, and District 4 includes fish.

Where is each region in The Hunger Games?

Zone 1: Located just north of the Capitol. Area 2: Located southeast of the Capitol in modern New Mexico. District 3: Located in California and Nevada. Fourth District: Located in southern California and the coast of Mexico.

What are the most impoverished areas in the Hunger Games?

District 12 is the smallest and lowest district in Panem’s 13 districts.

Why is district 11 all black?

District 11 specializes in agriculture. The residents of District 11 live in small huts. People in this area are described as “black hair, dark skin”. Therefore, they may be African American, Latin American. Native American, or South Asian.

In the Hunger Games, what is the most famous of District 3?

Zone 3 is one of Panem’s 13 zones. Its main industry is technology, where people produce televisions, computers and other electronic products.

Is District 13 still alive?

― Katniss Everdeen, on the creation and destruction of District 13.

In the Hunger Games, what is the most famous of District 7?

District 7 is one of the 16 districts of Panem under the jurisdiction of the Parliament. The school district provides wood, paper, furniture, and such items.

Why did Peeta betray Katniss?

Beetee explained that Peeta uses Tracker Jacker venom for fear regulation. In essence, they have turned him into a weapon and set out to destroy the enemy-Katniss.

What is the central message of The Hunger Games?

Socio-economic reflection. The Hunger Games, as the name suggests, is hunger. Not only a metaphorical desire for political freedom. Social status or self-realization. But also a passion for actual need. These areas are hungry, and Katniss’ main job is to feed the family.

What illegal activities does Katniss do?


What illegal activities did Katniss participate in? Why is she doing this? Katniss participated in hunting in the woods outside Zone 12. She hunts to feed her family and earns money from necessities such as clothes, soap, needles, and medicine. District 7 is one of the 16 districts of Panem under the jurisdiction of the Parliament. The school district provides wood, paper, furniture, and such items.

What is the difference between District 11 and District 12?

District 11 is one of the lower areas in Panem’s 13 districts. Section 12 is the poorest among the 13 communities in Panem. It is located in Appalachia. It has a population of about 8,000 or more. The main industry in District 12 is coal mining.

How does threshing die?

Thresh ranked fifth out of 24 tributes. In the movie, Thresh died after Foxface. A cannon sounded, and a photo of him appeared to confirm his death.

How does Hemich win the game?

Haymitch won his own Olympic Games by using the battlefield of the arena as a weapon. So, is an inflammatory action that the Capitol cannot take. We learned in the book “Imitator” that a few weeks after Hemich’s mother won. Her mother, brother, and girlfriend were all killed by Snow as punishment.

Why did Katniss choose Peeta instead of Gale?

Katniss chose Peeta over Gale because Gale might be responsible. For killing her sister Prim with a bomb he designed. This is why she can no longer see him in the same way. The person she loves the most is gone forever. What if Hemich volunteered to do for Peeta in Quell Quell?

Who bombed District 12?

As a result of actions taken by Katniss. Everdeen at the 75th Hunger Games. The Air Force of the Capitol was carried out. A large-scale retaliatory bombing attack on District 12. So, the peacekeeping forces in the area withdrew. Also, the rights of residential houses were cut off.

What is the strong wind blowing towards Katniss?

He said, “war, terrible war” for the second time. It was the first line in the propaganda film. The fact that he knows this line means that. So, they will release the movie at harvest every year. In this regard, how did Gale betray Katniss?

Why is Katniss so concerned about her appearance in front of reporters?

Why is Katniss so concerned about her appearance in front of reporters? She wants to look beautiful. Also, she tried to appear sweet and innocent. She didn’t want to cry; she seemed to be weak.

Is Katniss pregnant?

In “Chasing the Fire”,. Peeta falsely claimed that Katniss was pregnant. She was trying to protect her from the games. Katniss said she had a miscarriage due to an electric shock on the stage. However, within 15 years of the “Imitate Jack”. Incident, Katniss was legally pregnant.

What does Peeta Mellark hate most?

He dislikes and hates the Hunger Games Capitol. Also, he thought it would make him some monster. So, that was not him. He didn’t want that to happen. If he does die. He wants to die like himself.

Is Peeta obsessed with Katniss?

Since he was five years old, Peeta has had a great fascination with Katniss Everdeen. On the first day of school. Pietta’s father pointed out to her that he wanted to marry his mother. But he did not marry because she married a coal miner.\



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