Your website is the expression of your online business, so the influence of Web Design is decisive so that your potential customers can have an immediate and adequate perception of what your business is, and so that you can successfully communicate with services and products you promote may be the right solution. Keep on reading

Simple and intuitive

Keep in mind that visitors to your website have no time to waste, and so they want to get solutions for what they are looking for directly and easily. A simple and intuitive structure facilitates and improves user experience. A website with good content, visually appealing, and well written, with the right words, is the perfect invitation for the visitor to take for granted the time he has devoted to consulting the website. Remember that less is often more.

Highlight what matters

Set priorities and the most important messages to communicate according to the positioning of your business. Answer some questions, such as: is it the price that makes the difference? If so, focus on highlighting the price advantage; or is it the quality of the service? If so, communicate how your services or products are of superior quality. Highlight messages through good design, to win the visitor’s attention, and a good copy to captivate interest.

Avoid noise

Do not distract the visitor’s attention with many elements. Choose content with discretion, define what is important for the visitor to know, and direct navigation. If the user has a lot of information and a lot of scattered content, he will not know what to do.

Direct navigation

Define an objective that the website visitor must fulfill, and establish the path that the visitor must follow to fulfill that same objective. Avoid menus with too many options. Guide the user from page to page naturally, facilitate navigation, so that the visitor can view the right contents. Position CTAs ( Calls-to-Action ) strategically to incite clicks. An inbound website focuses on conversion, taking the visitor through the website to the point of conversion.

Visual hierarchy

What is it? Our standard for viewing a website is from top to bottom and from left to right, so you should take this into account when building page layout and defining content. To meet the goals established in the Inbound Marketing strategy, we want our website to have more conversions, whether for a newsletter, for downloading an e-book, or for subscribing to a service. Thus, to obtain more clicks and conversions, we must take into account the user’s attention to the visual layout of the elements.

Good images

The quality of the images has an impact on the perception of your business, be it photos or images developed in design. If possible, invest in paid images, which offer more guarantees of presentation quality. Good images, give a good image to the website.

Blank space

The white space is an essential design element, as it facilitates the perception and reading of content, so you should take a look at your pages and try to eliminate elements that are too much. See if you can create spaces to highlight content and make it easier to read.

The right sources

The sources are relevant. Choose fonts according to the communication style you want for your business, as the fonts influence and help determine the tone of the communication. You can either communicate more seriously, or more enthusiastically, depending on the type of business, but be sure to use appropriate sources. Also, pay attention to the legibility of the font, use an appropriate size to provide a good reading experience. The choice of font may also influence the compatibility and the loading speed of the pages.

Responsive Web Design

Having a responsive website means that your website is designed to be displayed correctly on all screens, on all devices. The mobile consultation, whether on tablet or smartphone is growing, so your website must have the contents prepared so that they are visible whatever the device used by the visitor.

A / B testing

Sometimes, and even with the best Web Design tips, it is difficult to know what content visitors will respond to best. When in doubt about the most suitable content, test to conclude. A / B tests are a good way to understand the content, images, CTAs, locations, etc. that have better results.

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