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Picture this.

You’ve been planning a once-in-a-lifetime event. Maybe your boss is counting on you to impress the bigwigs from corporate with this retirement party. Maybe it’s the wedding you’ve always wanted.

If you’re looking for perfection, hiring a professional event planner just makes sense. But how do you know if you’re putting your hopes and dreams in the right hands?

We’re about to give you our top tips for hiring an event planner. Just keep reading.

Tip #1: Know That Google Is Your Friend

If an event planner has a long and storied history of throwing outstanding events, odds are good that they’ve posted their work online before. After all, the best way to attract future clients is to show off your current clients.

According to Asset Digital, 71% of small and medium-sized businesses use social media in 2021.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can all help you get a sense of what your event planner has accomplished in a professional capacity. And the best part is that the information you’re looking for is just a Google search away.

Tip #2: Look For People Who Have Planned Similar Events

You can find and hire the best event planner to ever do it when it comes to catered corporate banquets. But if you’re planning a wedding, you may not have the right event planner for the job.

How do you avoid a situation where your big day is the event planner’s version of riding a bike for the first time? You brainstorm to see if you’ve had any recent indirect dealings with a top event planning company.

Did you attend an awesome wedding last month? Was your mind blown at a conference you just attended? If your answer to any of those was “Yes!”, you can’t go wrong making inquiries and collecting a few business cards.

Tip #3: Interview Multiple Planners

You know that friend of a friend that you really don’t like talking to all that much because they never have anything nice to say?

Now imagine having to work closely with that person to plan your wedding or the corporate Christmas party that could get you in good with the c-suite.

Not a good feeling, is it? You don’t have to do that to yourself.

In 2018, the Forbes Los Angeles Business Council talked about how good business is built on good relationships. A key part of figuring out how to hire an event planner is making sure that you’ve found someone you can work with.

You might not see it in the first person you interview. But if you know a local events company or two, finding someone that’s a good fit for your project becomes a lot easier.

Here’s Why You Should Be Hiring an Event Planner

One of the benefits of hiring an event planner is that it can take a lot of stress off of your plate. And if you make a point of hiring an event planner with experience, finding the right person is easier than you think.

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