Locksmiths are people who can open locks or replace them. They are skilled tradesmen who are trained to do the job. They can get you back into your car or home with their expertise.

You can find locksmiths in every state in the country. You can find a Locksmith Aurora Co that can help you to get the job done. They have the expertise to help you open your car or home. 

This article will give you some interesting facts about locksmiths in Aurora and other places around the country. It can give some trivial things that you might want to know. You can wow your friends and family with this information.

Interesting Facts 

  • Not All Locksmiths Have a License – There are many states that don’t require a locksmith to have a license. Aurora, Colorado is one state where a license is required. There are fifteen states where they are not required.

  • Security Has Been a Concern for a Long Time – The first locks were in Egyptian culture nearly four thousand years ago. The first keys came along in about 704BC: https://www.britannica.com/technology/lock-security. The Roman culture began making locks out of iron and bronze.

  • It Takes Many Industries to Make a Lock – There are many industries that make the lock that keeps you safe. This includes mechanical engineering, security, machinists, and even carpentry. Then the locksmith comes to install the lock and help you to stay in your home or car.

  • Lockpicking is the Key Component of the Industry – These professionals need to have the art of lockpicking. You often see people lockpicking in movies and expect just the bad guys to have this skill. The locksmith must have these skills, as well, and that is how they get you back into your cars and homes.

  • Locksmiths Have No Regulations Governing Them – There are no regulations which is a great concern to homeowners. Even in the states that require a license, there is no specific education that they must have. They must have the skills to open your doors and are only required to have a certificate. 

  • Harry Houdini Did Free Locksmithing – The magician that everyone knows, Harry Houdini, performed free locksmithing to those who needed it. See here to learn more about this historic magician. He studied the trade for his show and was very adept at it. He would also use this skill in his shows. 

  • Not All Have the Same Skills – You need to check into these professionals to make sure that they can perform the work that you need them to do. Some of them are only good at cracking safes, while others do mostly vehicles. You need to make sure the one that you call can work on what you need. 

  • It is Better to Wait Until Morning to Call Them – Like all professionals, locksmiths do valuable their time. They will work after-hours in Aurora, but they will charge you more for the job. If you can wait until the morning, it is best to do so. 

  • They Have Transparent Pricing – Locksmiths will let you know upfront what their prices are and will rarely give discounts. If you see one offering deep discounts, you might want to wonder what they are up to. While they are competitive in other areas, they all price their services about the same. 

  • The Industry is Rapidly Growing – Although the industry is rapidly growing, there are not as many people going into the industry. The job is usually passed down through the generations of a family and not many younger generations are wanting to get into the business. This makes it difficult to find a reputable locksmith nowadays. 

  • Walter Schlage Has a Well-Known Name – If you look at the lock you have on your home, it probably has the name Schlage on it. Walter Schlage created the first lock with the cylindrical style with a pin tumbler. This is the most common type of lock still today. 

  • They Are Moving Towards Biometrics – Biometrics are ways to get into areas using your fingerprints and eye scans. These are becoming more popular in all areas and locksmiths are getting into this new technology. It won’t be long before most high-tech businesses will have this technology. 


Locksmithing is a profession that almost everyone needs at least once in their lives. It is an interesting profession that has famous people associated with it. There are many interesting facts that go along with it, as well.