Make Money on Instagram

Getting income through Instagram is fashionable. Today, this social network is considered the most monetized. However, no special talents are required here. All you need is a desire, a smartphone with Internet access and a little of your time. A particularly important assistant in this process is the use of free instagram story templates, which subscribers most often pay attention to.- Make Money on Instagram

Account Management

If you have long dreamed of switching to remote work, pay attention to a new profession – an Instagram administrator. This is a specialist who is responsible for promoting an account on a social network. Its goal is to attract as many “live” and active subscribers as possible. The administrator coordinates advertising, creates interesting content (photos, texts, stories, live broadcasts), organizes contests and communicates with subscribers.

Creating Masks and Covers

You can make beautiful and stylish covers for the Stories Highlights section without drawing skills. The same applies to trendy masks for stories – from August everyone can create them. Until recently, only approved developers with beta status had access to download masks, and the platform and tools were closed to ordinary users. Now resourceful Instagrammers have been able to turn mask making into a profitable business.

Drawing Avatars

If you can draw in popular graphic editors and have a good sense of style, there are many additional opportunities for you to increase your income. For example, you can start drawing fashionable avatars for personal blogs and commercial accounts. A well-designed picture helps to distinguish the profile from competitors and increases its attendance. There are many tutorials on the Internet on how to create such avatars.

Preparation of Advertising Layouts

High-quality advertising layouts, like colorful avatars, are required by everyone who promotes a blog. Now, in order to interest potential followers, just a photo or a screenshot with a beautiful “tape” is not enough. Therefore, before advertising your profile, it is very important to take care of creating a bright selling layout with provocative theses and music. Only in this case advertising can “work”.

Sale of advertising

If you have an Instagram blog, try selling ads. The main difficulty with this method is that you will need at least 5-10 thousand active subscribers. To interest such an audience, investments and time are needed. But the investment is worth it: in addition to material income, you can receive bonuses in the form of free products from fashion brands.

Setting Up Targeted Advertising

One of the most popular promotion tools is targeted advertising. It is important for a targetologist to learn how to accurately determine the target audience of an Instagram account, since advertising will be broadcast only to those users who meet the specified criteria. 


Instagram has a huge potential for earning, but you should not treat it as an opportunity to earn free money without doing anything. As you can see after reading the article, each way of earning has its own nuances. Somewhere you need to:

  • invest money;
  • take courses;
  • gain experience. 

Somewhere you first need to spend time and effort on promoting the page.