run a nail salon

Opening and running a nail salon can be rewarding, but first, you need to have all of the right equipment. To serve your customers to the best of your abilities, you need to be positive that you have the tools you need, like polish, nail tools, and sterilizers. You can have many different items in your salon, like organic or vegan polishes, state-of-the-art pedicure bowls, or inviting decor. However, there are some primary items you’ll need to start. Here are some things you need to run a nail salon.

Sterilization Equipment

Sterilizing your equipment is necessary to keep your clients safe and healthy. To do this, you’ll need sterilization equipment, like a nail autoclave, cleaning solutions, and disposable tools. Since you will have multiple clients in your salon daily, keeping everything clean is essential to ensure you get repeat customers. An autoclave for nail salons is necessary because a steady stream of people means increased germs, so you want to have the equipment you need to sanitize everything.

Manicure Stations

Having a comfortable area where clients can sit to have their fingernails done is essential. This station usually has a place for nail polish, tools, UV dryers, and fans. If you plan on doing other sorts of manicures, like dip, gel, or acrylic, you should have these polishes nearby. These polishes usually need special tools, so have those on hand as well. Depending on your setup, you may have vents to decrease the number of fumes or sinks that clients can use during the manicure process.

Pedicure Stations

Pedicures are another staple of nail salons, so you shouldn’t skimp on these stations. Items like massage chairs, foot baths, and foot tools are necessary to ensure your guests have a pleasant experience. Be aware that these chairs can be costly and can be several thousand dollars. If you are new to the business, some simpler models cost less.

You may also want to add foot massages to your offerings if you have these stations. These can increase revenue for you, so make sure to have the best lotions and oils you can afford. Footbath features can vary depending on the model and what you want. Some offer drainage, jets, or heat.

Display Areas

When you open a salon, you want to show off what you offer. You can put up samples of the colors of nail polish you have, or if you do nail art, you can display your designs. Nail art is a current trend, and showing that you can do different types can bring in new customers. Acrylics are another popular type of nail that can come in hundreds of shades and designs. Show off some of these so customers can see the expertise of your nail artists.

Concessions and Other Items

Having drinks like water or sodas can elevate your clients’ visit. You might also have TVs, music, and ambient lighting. The right lights can set the mood and make your salon relaxing and refreshing. If you or your employees have the training, you might want to offer add-on services like waxing, massages, or facials. All of these services can bring clients in or keep them coming back. People may be more inclined to visit your salon if they can have a spa day. You could also consider having packages, so clients get more for their money.

These items should help you get your nail salon up and running. Before starting your salon, make a plan to determine how you want to arrange everything. With proper planning, you will be able to set up a clean, aesthetically pleasing salon that clients will love to come to time and again.

By Sambit