J. K. Rowling Young

For a long time, the Harry Potter book series have remained favorites among children. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you must know the book series and its author J. K. Rowling Young.

Introduction to J. K. Rowling Young

J. K. Rowling Young is a famous screenwriter and author of Britain. Everyone knows her children’s book series of Harry Potter. The series has until now sold about 500 million copies. Moreover, a famous blockbuster film franchise has adapted the series for the Harry Potter movie series.

First Book

After following many rejections, J. K. Rowling Young finally sold her first book of the entire Harry Potter series in June of 1997. As a result, she earned a massive amount of approximately $4000. Initially, the name of the book was Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone.

However, later, a few American publications have replaced the word Philosopher with Sorcerer. The book was the beginning of a storybook of seven series. It mentions the early life of a young wizard named Harry Potter and his cohorts’ motley band, who went to Wizardry and Witchcraft School in Hogwarts.

Second Book

J. K. Rowling Young published the second book of the Harry Potter series as Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in the year 1998. The novel highlights the second year of Harry Potter at Hogwarts School. Here, Harry Potter and his friends named Hermione and Ron get a series of messages on the corridor walls of their school.

The message is about the opening of the Chamber of Secrets and the Slytherin heir. The chamber will kill each student who does not belong to all of the magical families. Harry Potter and his friends find such threats after various attacks, which leave the school residents petrified. So during the whole year, Harry Potter investigated the attacks by forming a team with his friends.

Third Book

The third book named Harry Potter and Azkaban Prisoner was published in 1999. The best thing was that the first three books of Harry Potter successfully earned a massive $480 million in only three years. Moreover, there were about 35 million copies available in prints in about 35 languages. According to the story of Harry Potter’s third book, Harry Potter, with his friends, investigated an escaped Azkaban prisoner named Sirius Black. Here, Azkaban is a prison of wizards, and people believe it to be the old allies of Lord Voldemort.

Fourth Book

Harry Potter and the Fire Goblet is the fourth book of the Harry Potter book series. A noticing aspect of the book is it has become the fastest-selling book with massive sales in only 24 hours. In the first printing itself, J. K. Rowling Young obtained sales of about 5.3 million copies. Besides, the book had approximately 1.8 million advance orders. The plot of the book revealed the entrance of Harry Potter’s name forcefully in the Triwizard Tournament.

Fifth Book

The fifth book of the Harry Potter series was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Within only 24 hours of its publication, the fifth book sold millions of copies and was published in many bookstores in 2003. As the longest book of the entire series, it reveals the surreptitious return of an antagonist named Lord Voldemort. Also, the story reveals obstructive Magic Mistry and OWL examinations.

Sixth Book

The sixth one of the Harry Potter child series had released in the year 2005. The book achieved an approximate sale of 6.9 million copies in the initial 24 hours in the United States. The name of the book was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The novel explores the wizard nemesis of the boy, the famous Lord Voldemort, and preparations or strategies adopted by Harry Potter to fight against Voldemort and his mentor Albus Dumbledore.

Seventh Book

The Seventh Book with the title Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the last one of the entire Harry Potter series. An interesting fact of this book by J. K. Rowling Young is that it has become the most giant pre-ordered book in various bookstores and Amazon stores online.

Other Contributions of J. K. Rowling Young as an Author

Other than being the writer of the Harry Potter children’s book series, J. K. Rowling Young wrote diverse genres of books. Two of them are-

The Casual Vacancy

The Casual Vacancy is the first novel by Mr. Rowling, which is for adults instead of kids. The novel highlights a dark comedy on the local election, which took place in a small town of England named Pagford. The novel has obtained mixed reviews.

Cuckoo Calling

J. K. Rowling Young wrote another new genre that is a crime fiction novel in April 2013. However, she published her first book under a different pen name as Robert Galbraith. The novel has obtained many positive reviews and modest sales in the initial few months after Cuckoo Calling’s release. Moreover, sales for the book skyrocketed in July after the novel readers discovered the identity of the author. The novel is also the first crime fiction series of a private investigator named Cormoran Strike. According to the story, Strike investigated a murder case of a model, who died from a snow-covered balcony in Mayfair. 

The Silkworm

After this, Rowling published another book named The Silkworm under Robert Galbraith as a pen name. Released in June 2014, The Silkworm is the second book of the Strike series, and it has topped in the best bookseller charts. Here, detective Cormoran Strike and his assistant named Robin Ellacott helped Leonara by finding his missing wife and the novelist Owen Quine.

Career of Evil

The career of Evil is another series that features investigator Cormoran Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacott. The plot highlights a story and mystery of a woman and a man at crossroads in their professional and personal lives.

Therefore, with the famous child book series of Harry Potter and fiction stories, Rowling has contributed a lot as a novelist and a famous author.


By Swati