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Think about it. Whether you want to talk to people on the other side of the planet, find an unknown location or order food, you can do pretty much everything using an app on your smartphone. So, when it comes to moving to a new city and settling down in a house for rent in Bangalore, why should things be different? Getting familiar with a new city, exploring your surroundings and setting up utilities becomes really easy when you have technology to help you out. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of some must-have apps that you should download after you move to Bangalore. Take a look! 


When you move to Bangalore from anywhere else in India, you’re going to find a bit of a language barrier if you don’t speak Kannada. Thankfully, gone are the days you have to roam the streets with an English-Kannada dictionary wondering if the market vendor is trying to swindle you. With the Bhasha app, you can learn Kannada at any time and place. This app will teach you the practical uses of the language and arm you with some ready-made sentences and phrases that will make life easier for you in Bangalore. Plus, you’ll be able to add another language to your repertoire.

Okay, chances are that you probably have a payment app on your phone, whether it’s PayTM or any other popular online transaction service. And if you don’t, you need to download one now. When you’re new to a city, it’s unwise for you to carry around a lot of cash on your person, until you figure out the safety and other factors in your neighbourhood. At the same time, a lot of local shops and vendors might not accept credit or debit cards. In these cases, online payment apps are a godsend and will ensure that you can do everything from picking up groceries to recharging your phone bill at the swipe of a finger.


Wondering where you’re going to find an electrician to fit in your lights, a cable technician to set up your TV and an internet service provider? Want to know where your nearest 24×7 chemist is located in Bangalore? With JustDial you won’t need to wonder any more. This one stop shop is a directory to all the services in the city. It will connect you with different businesses in your area and allow you to make booking directly. Each service also comes with customer reviews and ratings so you can make the best choice for yourself and your home.


Online shopping has really taken over the country at the moment. But sometimes it can be difficult to decide which platform to buy from whether you’re shopping for clothes, groceries, furniture or any other item. Well, BuyHatke will help you ensure that you get the best deal on all your purchases. All you need to do is enter the object you’re looking to purchase, and it will rank the prices and offers of all the different sites that sell it. The best app to ensure that you’re getting the best price every time.

Expense Manager

Moving to a new city involves a lot of costs and expenses. And it can be difficult to keep track of what you’re spending on. With an app like Expense Manager, you’ll be able to set a budget and categorise your expenses according to purpose. You’ll also be able to create a report of your spending patterns and learn to manage your money better. Since this is an essential skill that you’ll need while living alone, we highly recommend this app.


Bangalore is known for being one of the safest cities in the country, but as a young person living alone in a new city, you shouldn’t take any risks. You’ll need to ensure that the area around your apartment for rent in Bangalore is safe, or whether you should opt for a gated complex or a hostel instead. When you’re travelling around the city, you need to know which places are safe to visit at any time of the day, and where you need to be on your guard. With Safetipin, you’ll be assured of your safety anywhere in Bangalore. The app uses the GPS in your phone along with consumer rated safety scores to highlight and pin different areas of the city as safe or unsafe. You can also set emergency contacts for the app to automatically reach out to if you’re in need of an SOS in an hour of need. 

These are our top picks for apps that you should download after moving to a new city. All the best!