Bathroom Décor Ideas

When you talk about the bathrooms, many people like to design bigger ones. However, the extensive and lavish bathroom provides you the luxury to create a private retreat to relax and enjoy every day.

With proper lighting, accessories, and décor items, you can make a bathroom suitable for royalty. There are plenty of inspiring ideas to decorate the beautiful bathing spaces easily. The following are some lavish bathroom décor ideas you must try:

Enhance the Aesthetics with Wall Art 



The intelligent way to decorate the bathroom and enhance its aesthetics is spa wall art. Get inspiration to add spa wall prints as it is a unique way to take bring a luxurious feeling to the bathroom. 

When you combine the relaxing bathtub with soothing or aromatic pictures, it can give you a holiday or relaxing vibe in your bathroom. Moreover, you can bring outdoor aesthetics and create an accent wall with beautiful wall art.

Printed Wallpaper to Accent the Bathroom 

Some people think that wallpapers can not incorporate style and luxury in the bathroom, but this is incorrect. By choosing the appropriate wallpaper, you can create an incredible and lasting impact.

So, paste removable wallpaper on the walls or put it on one part of a bathroom. It will create a bold and colorful accent wall to give a paradise look.

But avoid pasting wallpaper near high moisture and humid areas like a bathtub, shower fixtures, faucets, etc. However, for a luxurious bathroom, the best choice is to paste vinyl-coated wallpapers.

Open Shelves



When you occupy entire bathroom space by making cabinets, try its alternative, i.e., open shelves. The floating planks will comparably take less space than bathroom cabinets and inspire you to keep the bathing space neat and clutter-free.

To give a quirky touch or create uniformity, place identical baskets on the open shelves. It is the best way to keep items well organized in the bathroom. 

Pop of Color



Many homeowners prefer traditional shades and avoid using bold colors in the bathrooms. But, bright colors are in trend nowadays. So infuse bold colors to the bathroom by painting walls with vibrant shades and keeping colorful accent pieces, bath linens, etc.

Moreover, they give a focal point to any bathroom diverting one’s eyes from anything unsettling.  Therefore, it is an intelligent way to dress up dull bathroom interiors. Fresh paint or colorful accents will transform the entire bathroom.

Stand-Out Basin


To create a luxurious look in a bathroom, invest in any statement piece. It is an effective and practical solution to glam up the bathroom and make a perfect focal point.

It would be best if you focus on a space near the hand basin. It is an intelligent way to make a dramatic transformation of an entire bathroom.

Hand Basin with nickel finishing and stylish mirrors will create a beautiful impact on the bathroom space.

Introduce Greenery


Bathroom Décor Ideas


Many people do not consider plants fit for bathroom décor. But if you bring in the outdoors inside the bathroom, it has its own perks. First, indoor plants liven up the bathroom space, and second, it purifies the air.

The indoor plants contribute to the positive atmosphere and make a perfect bathroom space to relax after a hectic day. Decide the plants based on the counter space you have.

You can either opt for small potted plants or big indoor plants. If you hang the pots or climbers, they will add a tropical vibe and use vertical space appropriately. 

Tiles for Luxurious Textures

The best way to design a beautiful bathroom is to use eye-catching tiles. They will add visual interest as well as texture to the lavish bathroom. To create a fantastic effect, install both floor and wall tiles.

Wall tiles provide a glossy finish to bathroom interiors, which reflect light and make it look stylish. However, floor tiles create a matt slip-proof finish which helps to avoid injuries.

Bathroom Décor Ideas

Bonus Tips

A bathtub transforms the entire look of the bathroom and makes it look luxurious. In addition, dress up bathroom windows by hanging colorful curtains to add elegance and create privacy. To add a hotel feel, install plantation shutters or frosted glass.