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Marketing strategy for B2B development companies is very different from the B2C business. Unlike B2C companies, B2B business can not directly share their campaign with anyone who uses their products or services and is not necessarily the buyer.

Lead generation is the core aspect of good B2B marketing strategy that improves business growth rate steadily.

In this blog below we have mentioned some of the best strategies of lead generation for companies. But before you go into the details, we would advise you to first address issues in your marketing processes if any, to build your foundation strong and right.

Best Tips For B2B Development Companies

1.    Content Marketing

Content marketing is now an important aspect of online marketing, with so much information on the internet people like to research relevant information before they purchase product or services. B2B companies are no exception; they too will make a thorough research on companies before investing their money.

Publishing content on a regular basis enables high reach and business exposure. However, do not create just for the sake of promoting your products, instead focus on providing value to your audience. Valuable contents are the ones which educate  or entertain your audience and helps you receive brand recognition.

If the reader finds your content valuable lead will follow. As per a study conducted by Hubspot, business publishing at least 16 blogs per month are able to generate 4.5 times more lead than those who publish 0 to 5 blogs. The same study concluded that on average 47% of B2B buyers research and reach online blogs and feed before making a purchase with a company.

2.    Social Media Marketing

At the start of 2021, there are 4.3 billion social media users in the world which makes it one of the critical marketing aspects which offer target marketing. You can publish ads setting up your customer requirements like age, location, gender and many others.

Over 62% of B2B marketers say they have gained positive results through social media networks like LinkedIn. It is an excellent medium that connects business to thousands of potential customers within their industry.

LinkedIn is the most effective medium to connect with other B2B companies and prospects. 80% B2B leads generated from social media are from LinkedIn.

 Although LinkedIn is important for B2B business, using other channels will be an added advantage. Use analytics platforms and find social networks that have the most number of potential audiences.

You can bond with industry leaders by tagging them in your post and specifying relevant hashtags on Twitter. You can even form a group for an important discussion on Facebook. Just make sure to be relevant, also don’t irate them by constantly tagging and sharing.

3.    PPC

Content and SEO are effective marketing tools but it takes a while to gain the desired result. On the other hand, PPC marketing is completely different here you can easily get the high result in no time. If you know about your audience or potential companies it provides maximum leads. PPC is a paid advertisement, where the price will depend upon the campaign you run.

Note that your efforts can go in vain if you don’t target the right audience. Several online users are using AdBlock and similar programs or tools to block advertisements appearing on their screen. Apart from that, with GDPR- General data protection regulation laws viewers are able to opt-out of advertising.

There are several ways to publish your ads online, one of the most common is through Google Adword that allows users to post ads over Google networks. You can choose from any of the three routes mentioned below:

The Search Network

These are the ads that appear when you search for something on Google, mostly visible at the topmost area of the search result.

The Display Network

These ads appear on different websites that agree with Google advertising terms for visitors.


These ads will be visible on display networks but only to those who have visited your website before, marketing them to the target audience. It reminds the audience about a product they were interested in before it goes out of stock.

4.    Optimize landing pages and CTA

Several websites consist of several offers on their landing pages, if you are one of them it’s time for you to change your lead conversion strategy.

According to several marketing experiments, it is clear that if a single landing page has many offers can decrease the conversion rates up to 266%.

Hence, optimizing landing pages is must, this involves the following aspects:

  • Searching and implementing best SEO practices
  • Providing valuable offerings to your clients in the form of content
  • Improving engagements through signup modification
  • Executing a testimonial campaign for customers.

Implementing the above-mentioned strategies will make your offers more appealing to online viewers and increases possibilities of conversions.

Set your goals for every individual landing page. Make sure CTA text message are understandable and minimizes distractions. As the primary goal here is to gain high conversions CTA should be optimized well. CTA buttons play an important part in navigation users to the landing page.

Hence it worth putting efforts into creating the best CTAs. Choose the best suiting shapes, colours and size. Also, take care of positing ad attributes and have previews checking how users will see it. You can also A/B test CTA buttons to find which combination channels highest conversion rates.

5.    Optimize your website for mobile

It pretty obvious that online users are most active on mobile phones compare to computers. That is why the optimizing website for mobile phones is no more an option. Infact online queries for B2B services on a mobile phone have exponentially increased.

According to Google’s research over 50% of B2B queries was made on mobile devices. Moreover, the rates are expected to increase in the upcoming years as more B2B companies enter the market. The digital era consists of more Genz crowd who are hardcore mobile users.

As per a study conducted by BGC, 60% of B2B buyers said that mobile devices were the major role in a recent purchase. With mobile B2B companies are influencing purchase decision and increasing team collaboration. In fact, BCG reports mobile raise time to purchase by 20%, also the same reports show over mobile influences 42% average share of total revenues.

Here are some important criteria to consider for making a mobile-oriented website.

  • Implement AMP on your website
  • Make sure all the pages on your website are responsive and pass Google’s mobile-friendly criteria.
  • Optimize blogs and content published on your websites for mobile-first indexing.
  • Follow micro-interaction to boost engagement.

A mobile-oriented website brings on board a multitude of benefits, it helps you efficiently achieve your B2B marketing goals and also influence the business decision of the target audience.

Along with creating a mobile-friendly website, you should also aim to offer an omnichannel platform to your customer. Constantly look for ways and method that improves audience engagement and reach on your website.

6.    Gain Trusted Backlinks

When we talk about lead generation word of mouth referral are most beneficial for any business.  When people start to talk about your products and brand, you gain more confidence and trust in your product which boost work efficiency.

However word of mouth reference is not something we can manage, there is another best referral method called backlinks that highly impacts lead generation. Backlinks mean getting your website referred linked to a popular website which is high domain authority and is probably from the same industry. This will navigate the potential audience visiting thor website to your site.

Here are some of the effective ways to get backlinks of trusted. There are numerous ways to build backlinks and gain trust from other websites.

  • Write blogs for other companies.
  • Make other websites share your content on different mediums.
  • Feature infographics that compel other B2B business and make them share your data
  • Find and get on websites with resource pages
  • Ask for free backlinks to people copying your images.
  • The most important and benefiting thing to consider for backlinks is to create relevant and educational content that your potential customer will find useful. Create quality is content is of utmost importance.

7.    Get Creative with Cold Emails

Sending cold emails is not a piece of cake, It does not involve any prior relationship with the business you are sending the mail to. That’s why you must make an effort to create the best first impression.

Here are a few tips to make your emails appealing which draws readers’ attention:

  • To make your email stand out, bring out your creativity, add animated GIFs, memes or humour to your emails.
  • Be on point, don’t make the email too wordy or complex. Also do not use marketing lingo to span your audience as users will completely avoid it.
  • It’s not one time things, you need to remind the reader about the sent emails. Often emails tend to get buried in inboxes, hence send them a minimum of two following emails to have their attention.


Marketing for B2B business is very different, here you can’t just apply any successful strategy. A marketing plan that worked for some B2B companies might not work for others, hence you must constantly look for strategies that best suit our business. 

Start your lead generation journey from here by going through these strategies. Note that understanding your audience and how they visit your business is of utmost importance.

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