Leather hats come in different styles and shapes and can keep you warm against harsh cold winds. They can protect you from the Sun during hot summers. Hats also help in creating a fashion statement when you wear them with your attire. Hats can even stay forever with you if you can take appropriate care with proper cleaning and storage.

How to Clean and Store Tanned Leather Hats?

You should properly treat the tanned leather hats before wearing them under the Sun.  Make sure you are aware of the leather finish by asking about them to the seller or the manufacturer. When you prevent tanned leather hats, you should keep in mind a few things.

  • Try to avoid cologne, perfumes, and hairsprays on leather hats. Leather protector sprays are available in the market and only those should be used instead of all the sprays with alcohol. The alcohol from hairspray or perfume will stain the leather and will make the product very dry. Make sure you have completely dried the products before putting them on.
  • Never use pins, badges, tapes, and other items on your hat, as it will demolish the look. Though you want to embellish the look on your hat by adding the accessories, it will increase damage and decrease the quality. You should buy patched hats from the reputed sellers like https://americanhatmakers.com/pages/wholesale-hats instead of stick-on labeled hats.
  • When your leather hats look faded, you should apply the conditioner or the leather dressing cream to get back its shine. Make sure you are not using harsh soaps which are not suitable for your leather hats. 
  • If you want to clean your dirty hats, you may wash them but make sure you apply leather conditioner as soon as they dry.
  • When the leather hats get wet accidentally by rain, you should immediately wipe off the water with soft cloth. The inner sweatbands of the hats should be allowed to dry in open air naturally. The hats should be kept away from direct sunlight or high heat areas. While keeping to dry, let it be in its own shape and never hang them. Shrinkage or misshaping of the hats can be avoided if they are allowed to remain in their normal shape.

How to Clean Suede Leather hats?

Two types of natural suede hats are available in the market.

  • Nuback- Animal hide is used for manufacturing the natural nuback leather hats. The top of the skin which is finely buffed and sanded for producing a velvety finish. Proper maintenance and stain removing process will help in increasing the durability of the hats.
  • Suede- Natural suede leather hats are manufactured from the underside of the animal skin which is soft and split-grain in nature. Suede hats require maintaining special cleaning and maintenance process so that they remain with their natural shine forever.

When you are using your suede hats daily, you should treat your hats with the suede and nuback protecting spray. Excessive staining can be prevented when you use these products.

Storage Tips For Leather hats 

When you are storing the leather hats appropriately, you will be avoiding many problems easily.

  • You should store the leather hats in cool and dry areas so that direct sunlight or heat is not received.
  • When you are staying in dusty areas, you should use hatboxes. You can also use cloth garments bag or cover your hats with cloth.
  • When you travel a lot for business or holidays, you should use crushed hats. They will easily fit into your luggage and the dust can easily be brushed off when required.
  • You should clean up any spills or stains immediately when they have occurred. These stains, if removed at once, will prevent the excessive damages from the stains. If soft clothes are not working for removing the stains on the leather, you should use leather cleansing spray.
  • High quality hide of the cows have a protective layer on your hats that prevents the liquid from absorbing its pores.

Store Your Bush Hats Properly To Remain In Shape 

By now, you have already learnt about the cleaning and storing process of your leather hats. But while storing, you should also know how to keep your hats in shape.

  • Ensure That The Size Is Right- While buying the hats; you should make sure that you are buying the right size. When your hat size is too small or too large, and you are using them, it is very difficult to keep them in shape. When the material is leather, tight hats are better than loose hats. The natural material will breathe and stretch on its own.
  • Brush Hair Properly- When you are wearing hats, you should properly brush off your hair away from your forehead before wearing hats. Make sure the ribbon always remain at the back when you have worn them. You can use your palm for pushing hats down and from the backside of the crown. Hats can also be worn till the brim level so that you can push it back when required in the typical Australian style.
  • Rest Upside Down- When you are not using hats, you should rest them upside down. You can hang the hat from the coat peg or on the crown when not in use.
  • Use Overnight Bags- Leather hats are best kept in the overnight bags. The quality and style both can be maintained properly when overnight bags are used.


When you have bought a leather hat, you should be responsible enough to keep it clean. You should store your leather hats in proper manner so that they can be used for longer period. When the leather hats are stored in the right ways, they can even be used forever. When moisture or any spills occur on your leather hats accidentally, you should immediately clean them off. Soft cotton cloth needs to be used while cleaning the leather hats. If the clothes do not work, you can also use leather cleansers to remove stains or spills.