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Leather Leg Garter by Marie Mur: Explore Your Feminine Nature

The history of garters goes back to medieval times. Both men and women wore them to hold up their stockings. Nowadays, garters still are used for this purpose but only by women. However,  it’s not the only way women can wear garters. It’s an amazing harness you can wear on any occasion. In most cases, it’s hidden from the public eyes. Leg garter is a way to emphasize the beauty of women’s bodies. Marie Mur is a well-known brand that sells lingerie, bodysuits, bra harness, leg garters, and other accessories for ladies who want to look tempting.

Deleted: The best place to purchase a leather leg garter is Unlike other brands, we try to convince our clients that lingerie and the underwear we sell aren’t used to seduce men. Most often, other brands promote it as their key idea.

Marie Mar is different. We really care about our clients: how do they look in our harnesses, and how do they feel in them. That’s why customers can communicate with us through any platform, ask any questions, and be sure that we’ll answer them. 

What Else Can You Add to Your Look?

The number of designs on Marimur is large enough, so you’ll certainly find a suitable leather leg garter. If you worry about the available colors, we may assure you: we produce leather garters in black, green, red, pink, blue, and other colors. Due to the high-quality paint we use, our accessories will serve you for a long time. You may take a look at our assortment and want to buy some additional items to create a full body set:

  • Leg and hand cuffs;
  • Bodysuits;
  • Chokers;
  • Masks;
  • Leashes, etc.

All these items are made of genuine leather, so you won’t feel any discomfort when wearing them even for a long time. So, if you seem that even female leg garters with straps aren’t enough for you to see that you’re special, Marie Mur always has something else to offer.

Why Should Each Woman Buy Garters and Harnesses From Marie Mur?

Our company pursues several important goals, such as empowering women, letting them feel beautiful, improving their mood, understanding that self-care and self-love are essential for their well-being, and so on. It’s our philosophy, and we really can brag about it. However, there are a few more reasons why wearing our lingerie and harnesses is obligatory for any woman:

  • Design. There are different designs of leg harness garter on our website, so we easily satisfy each customer’s needs. 
  • Affordable price. We use only high-quality materials, so our price is reasonable. If you’re lucky to get on sale, you may buy our best items cheap.
  • Sizes. We want garters and sets to fit you well; Use our size guide to select the perfect one for your body.

If you think that leather thigh garter is what can make you look fantastic and cheer you up, you’re right. Visit Marie Mur and buy something to satisfy yourself.


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