Safe Drinking Tips

Of course, drinking is a fun thing. It makes parties rock. They help you spend your weekend. However, did you know that too much drinking can affect your life? From causing accidents, bringing in embarrassments, to affecting your health, drinking too much isn’t recommenced. This, be on the safe side. The following safe drinking tips and tricks will help you drink your whiskey safely.

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Understand Your Alcohol Level

Understand the amount of alcohol you can take. Thus, monitor your drinking habits. Don’t drink more than your normal level. If you have been taking 2 bottles, stick to that. Remember, you can make drinking part a parcel of your lifestyle. In fact, it’s a healthy lifestyle for some people. This is because they take the recommended amount of alcohol. According to the Australian guidelines, you shouldn’t take more than 10 drinks in a single week. Also, you should never go beyond 4 bottles per day. Following these guidelines will minimize injuries and other alcohol-related conditions.

Eat Before You Drink

Never drink before taking food. Drinking on an empty stomach will harm your health. In fact, it will make you more intoxicated. Remember, it’s through the small intestines that alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream. Without food, it will enter the bloodstream quickly. This means that you will get drunk quickly. Thus, eat first. Then hit the road to your favorite pub for that drink. Also, drinking a lot of water works best. Also, avoid mixing your alcohol with any energy drink. Don’t mix it with sugary drinks. It will ruin your drinking experience. Also, stay away from salty snacks. Salty snacks tend to make people want more alcohol.

Count The Number of Drinks You Take

Don’t just drink. Count the number of drinks you take. In most cases, people take a lot of drinks. They don’t count. You might end up being too drunk. This is a mistake. As a good whiskey drinker, you should count the number of bottles you have taken. Set a limit. Never drink in rounds. Remember, friends can be so destructive. Instead, consider finishing the drink you have before ordering the next one.

Take Non-Alcoholic Drinks

If you feel that you are getting more drunk, slow the amount of bottle you take with nonalcoholic drinks. They will lower your BAC level. According to experts, the body should process at most one drink per hour. Thus, people who drink faster end up having higher BAC.

No Drinking Games, Shots

Avoid indulging in drinking games. Don’t try shots. They will make you drunker. Remember, drinking more than four drinks in a single shot may lead to injuries. Still more, this habit can embarrass you or lead to alcohol poisoning. That’s why you shouldn’t try drinking games and skolling races. Instead, consider dancing or playing the pool. Distract yourself from the drink while keeping up with those friends of yours if you want to enjoy the moment.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t take too much alcohol. Drink safely. Know your level. Eat well. Use the above safe drinking tips and tricks to drink your whiskey safely.