van dweller life

As a nomad, living in your van as a van dweller life is probably the stuff of dreams – you don’t have to worry about being in one place for too long, you can explore the nearby nature areas, and you can sleep whenever and wherever you want! For an adventurous spirit, this really is the best way to see the world, avoid the monotonous 9-5 life, and stop spending thousands of dollars on rent for a small, box studio in New York City.

But sometimes, the van life isn’t as glamorous as you might think – in some instances, you might find that you’re very cold during winter and very hot during the summer. However, these problems can be easily fixed with a little bit of research and the proper appliances. Getting a working heater during the winter will keep you warm and cozy in the biggest of snowstorms while getting a rooftop air container for your van is key to avoiding the stifling heat from entering your van. 

Let’s check out why a rooftop air conditioner is an absolute MUST for those who are living out of their van dweller life all year round!

Are you living your van dweller life? Get a rooftop air conditioner!

If vanlife is your motto, then getting a rooftop air conditioner is a must to keep yourself cool and protected during the hot summer months. If you are driving around in your van and you find yourself in Texas, New Mexico, or Southern America during May to August, you might find that the sticky and hot heat is creeping inside of your van. But how do you stay cool during the day and at night when you’re trying to sleep?

By purchasing a rooftop air conditioner, you can avoid any heat-related illness that may creep up from having an overheated van. Although you might have the notion that air conditioning within your van can be confusing and expensive, you can choose the proper model that works for you. Choosing the best 110 and 12-volt air conditioner for your van is essential to keep yourself cool, without having to totally re-shape your entire van. 

There are some tips that you should follow when it comes to keeping your van cool during the hot and humid summer months:

  • Purchase blackout curtains or dark-color curtains to keep out the sunshine during the hot summer days and cool the interior of your van.
  • Purchase rooftop air conditioner units and roof vents for your van to keep your unit cool during the summer days
  • Insulate the campervan by using a rooftop air conditioner and insulation into walls to seal the coolness.
  • Park under the shade of a tree or awning if possible


As you can see, cooling your van during the summer months is crucial to being able to enjoy your time on the road and avoid any heat-related illness that can arise from improper air circulation and cooling. Use a rooftop air conditioner, use blackout curtains, park under the shade, and use insulation to keep your van cool and get a great night of sleep while you are parked in the middle of the desert!