infrared sauna

If you are considering using a sauna for a specific treatment, you might be wondering – why? Although you might have heard that people swear by this treatment and health method to get rid of fat, feel better about themselves, and sweat out any toxins, you might be skeptical. And that’s okay! Many people use far-fetched health and wellness methods to get the body of their dreams and increase their mental state. However, with the infrared sauna, we can say that they are actually right. 

What is an infrared sauna? 

First thing’s first – what is an infrared sauna? This type of sauna is a heating chamber that uses infrared lamps to heat and warm your body, without using the air in the chamber. Unlike a typical sauna, where you might find the air uncomfortable and very sticky, the infrared sauna uses lights to increase the temperature in the room to around 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit – making it slightly more bearable staying for longer periods than a typical sauna that can wrench upwards of 180 degrees Fahrenheit! 

Should I choose an infrared sauna or a regular sauna? 

But why should you choose an infrared sauna near me instead of another type of sauna, besides it being more pleasing to stay in for long periods to reap health benefits? The main reasons that you should use a type of infrared sauna are because it directs more heat towards your body, facilitates a higher level of sweat at a more manageable temperature, and provides numerous health benefits. 

What are the most common benefits of an infrared sauna? 

The most common health benefits that people can get from using an infrared sauna near me vs. regular sauna is detoxification of harmful substances or sugary foods, relief from chronic joint pain, sore and painful muscle relief (especially for athletes), relaxation, weight loss, increased level of calmness, and improved circulation. If you are suffering from weight issues or lymphatic system drainage concerns, then using an infrared sauna near me is a healthy and safe treatment option. 

What temperature should I choose?

The temperature you select depends on your personal preference with most clients typically choosing between 100 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit based on their experience and comfort level.

How long should I use the infrared sauna near me?

The last question to ask the owner before using a sauna is how long you should stay in – as a beginner, you can stay in for just 5 minutes. Once you get used to the heat, you can stay in for up to 30 minutes!


If you are considering using an infrared sauna near me, make sure you ask the owner these important questions before your first time! Being safe and knowledgeable before using his health and detoxification method is key to being able to enjoy the exercise and feel comfortable going back a second time. You should ask the owner about the temperature to select, how long you should stay in the sauna, any health risks associated with this treatment method, the benefits of using an infrared sauna, and the process of using the sauna for the first time by yourself.