Move State

Moving home marks the beginning of a new chapter. It is a chance to start fresh, decorating the new space and bringing to life your dream designs. Finding a new home can be a challenge. Deciding to move state and find another home can feel like an impossible task. However, it is doable.

Choosing a state to move to can be overwhelming. If you have created a list, one state that you should be considering is North Carolina, otherwise affectionally known as The Tar Heel State.

Should you hope to move states in 2022, why not add North Carolina to your list? North Carolina or The Tar Heel State’s popularity is growing. 112,000 people moved to the state between April 1st, 2020’s Census count and July 1st, 2021.

Those that have chosen to move will likely have moved to one of the many popular states. These are some of the most popular areas of North Carolina and why they are so beloved.

Popular Areas Of NC

The interest surrounding North Carolina continues to grow. Some of the most beloved areas of the state have an abundance of unique qualities and features that make them appealing to a vast range of groups. For those that want to settle and have children, some areas in North Carolina have excellent schools and family-orientated neighborhoods.

Some areas of North Carolina have a thriving job market. Those who want to excel in their career can choose between a few places with plenty of job opportunities. If you want to know which areas are most likely to suit you and your lifestyle, keep reading to find out more about the most popular places in North Carolina.


Home to the Biltmore Estate, Blue Ridge Mountains and Appalachian Trail, Asheville is a growing city, welcoming more and more new residents each year. Although homes in the area come with a higher price point compared to others, the great outdoors, and breathtaking views that Asheville boasts are what attract many new residents.

With the perfect blend of city life and nature trails, Asheville has been a favorited area by an older generation. Those that are getting close to retirement age, and those who have retired, choose this city for its more relaxed pace of living.

However, Asheville is not only suitable for those looking for somewhere new where they can retire. The city has been growing in popularity among many working professionals who work remotely. There are also all the extraordinary views and mountain trails to enjoy. It provides remote workers with opportunities to go outside and explore the picturesque views Asheville offers.


Is part of your reason for wanting to move states to find new job opportunities? If so, Charlotte might be the city in North Carolina for you. Charlotte is brimming with opportunity as it radiates big-city energy, with a growing pool of employers to choose from. Numerous household company names have a base in Charlotte, meaning there are many job opportunities to apply for.

When it comes to properties, real estate in Charlotte is noticeably more affordable than in Asheville. Should you choose Charlotte as your new home, you can find a real estate agent at EZ Home Search. They will help you in your search for finding real estate in Charlotte that could be your forever home. With a new home and potential new job opportunity, you can begin a new chapter in your life.


If you want to move to somewhere with a perfect blend of nature, bars and restaurants, job opportunities and a vibrant culture – all of which come with relatively affordable living, Durham might be the place for you.

The city is rapidly growing, with more companies choosing to establish a base in the town. The past few years have seen Durham transform itself into a popular place many choose to move to. It continues to attract new residents, especially those looking to make a fresh start somewhere new.

Reasons To Consider NC

When looking at North Carolina, these are not the only popular areas people choose to move to. Raleigh and Wilmington are two other leading contenders for attracting new residents to The Tar Heel State.

Should you need further convincing as to why North Carolina should be at the top of your list for new states to move to, here are a few reasons to consider The Tar Heel State as your new home.

  • Things To Do – Whether you love the arts, trying new foods, going on long hikes or going to the beach to watch the sunrise, North Carolina has all of this and more! Your weekends will likely be booked and busy as you plan to do an array of fun activities. It could be a while before you run out of things to do with so much to explore.
  • Increase In Jobs – As mentioned, some of the cities in North Carolina are brimming with job opportunities. Charlotte is an excellent choice for those in finance. But it has also recently been welcoming more IT businesses. Those in tech will likely have heard about how Raleigh is becoming the new Silicon Valley. Tech giants like Apple have made plans to invest in a new campus in Raleigh, meaning that numerous job vacancies will likely become available when the site is ready to open. It is not just Raleigh welcoming tech giants. Google has already established a base in Lenoir. In addition to this, Google has plans to expand its business into Durham. With these corporate giants making their mark in North Carolina, it is likely to influence other companies to do the same, further increasing the job opportunities available.
  • Excellent School Choices – Should you hope to settle down and start a family, North Carolina is ideal for families. Many of the neighborhoods are family-friendly, with homes fit for growing families. The state is home to some of the top public and private schools available in the country, meaning your children will receive a quality education. If you have considered going back to school or university to study a course or change your career path, a few quality universities are based in North Carolina to choose from.

Final Thought On A Move To NC

Of course, moving anywhere new will be an exciting chapter in your life. It will allow you to start fresh, meet new people, and find places that will become your most favorited spots to eat and visit.

If you move somewhere new for work or start a family, choosing the right state is essential. Each state will vary in job opportunities, quality of living, school rankings, and the cost of living. That is why looking into North Carolina should be worth considering. The state has various areas with real estate suitable for different budgets. Some of the areas are becoming the home of growing industries, increasing the available job opportunities.

Keep some of these points in mind when you look for a new state to move to. You may find that these factors sway you into residing in one of the many beloved areas of North Carolina.