If you are enchanted by gemstones and have a particular liking of red rubies, you certainly aren’t alone. Ever since ancient times, rubies have been prized for their beauty and rarity. The word ‘ruby’ was taken from ruber, a Latin word that means ‘red.’ And it is no wonder that rubies are often associated with passion, power, and love. In fact, rubies are so rare that they are sometimes referred to as ‘the king of gems.’

While rubies can be found in a variety of colours, from pink to purple, the most highly prized rubies are those with a deep red hue. If you are lucky enough to find a ruby that is free of blemishes and flaws, you have truly found a treasure. The next time you are admiring a beautiful piece of jewellery, take a closer look at the rubies. With their rich history and stunning beauty, it is no wonder that these gemstones continue to be cherished by people all over the world.

Rather than buying a ruby engagement ring at the local jewellery store, it is possible to acquire loose gemstones and have them set into custom jewellery.

The Rub Test

This is a good way to see if a loose ruby is genuine and it involves rubbing the stone across a smooth and hard surface; if there is any colour left behind, the stone is not a ruby gemstone. Whether an imitation or coloured glass, rubbing it on a hard surface will leave traces of colour and the absence of this indicates the stone is genuine. You can purchase ruby gemstone at Certified Diamond Network or any other leading custom jeweller near you. They can also create for you the perfect piece of jewellery to your specifications. That said, the absence of colour does not mean the stone is natural, it could be synthetically made.

Price Is An Indicator

A certified ruby gemstone would have a high market value and if offered at a low price, this should set the alarm bells ringing. Synthetic stones are generally 20% cheaper than natural stones, while imitations could be made of glass, making them worthless. The safest way to acquire genuine gemstone is through the custom jeweller and with their reputation on the line, you can be sure the stones they are selling are genuine. Not only that, if you commission a piece of jewellery, the uncut stones are acquired at trade prices.

Custom Jewellery

People have wised up and discovered that having an exquisite piece of jewellery hand-crafted by a skilled custom jeweller is no more costly than purchasing the finished item at a jewellery store. If you would like to create the ultimate ruby engagement ring and you have a concept in mind, approaching a custom jeweller is the next logical step.

You Choose The Stones & The Cut

The custom jeweller has access to wholesale gemstones sold in loose and uncut form. You have a professional to guide you in your selection of raw stones. Choosing the cut is another aspect that the jeweller can advise. The cut is a very important element that should enhance the colour and sparkle of the gemstone.

Are Gemstones A Good Investment?

Generally speaking, the higher the value, the more the stone will appreciate in value. A quality ruby would have GIA (or equivalent) certification that records the stone’s properties. Rubies, like diamonds, are graded using the 4C system – cut, clarity, colour and carat. A high-quality ruby would certainly hold its value and over a long period, should see appreciation. Of course, you shouldn’t invest all your wealth into a single commodity and gemstones do have an appeal, as well as being an investment.

If you would like to view a stunning range of loose, uncut rubies, search online for a leading custom jeweller, who has access to the best stones at wholesale prices. Once you acquire the stones, the custom jeweller designs the piece using your input. When a design and price is agreed, the craftsman gets to work to create that very special piece of ruby jewellery.

By Swati