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Lost tooth? A professional dentists can help you replace them permanently

People with missing teeth now have many safe options to get a permanent tooth that will last a lifetime. With a dental procedure category known as aesthetic dentistry, just about anybody can get their missing tooth replaced permanently. This can be done regardless of the position of the missing tooth in the mouth. The procedures under esthetic dentistry are usually used to give a nicer look to the face. Let’s see how professional dentists can help you replace teeth permanently.
Dental implants as a form of aesthetic dentistry
The tooth is an essential part of our bodies, and they help keep us healthy. If you have too many missing teeth, you might find it difficult to speak or to eat. If you do not get dental implants to replace some of the lost teeth, the immediate hard and soft tissues around the location of the missing tooth could be affected negatively. This leads to many other oral health issues like sinking teeth.
To help avoid these multiple problems from a missing tooth, people are generally advised to get dental implants to replace the missing tooth. However, the process of getting a dental implant involves a delicate procedure that needs to be done with finesse and enough attention to detail. Advanced technologies like 3D printed surgical guides and a CT cat scan with CAD-CAM for example, can also provide better precision and fit during the procedure.
Types of dental implants
Different types of dental implants are used to permanently replace a missing tooth. They are:
1). The single dental implant: This type of dental implant involves the permanent replacement of a single missing tooth in the mouth. The new dental implant is usually shaped to have the size and shape of the surrounding teeth. In most cases, they are made with a new CEREC milling machine for speed, but they are handcrafted for custom design. This is done in order to make sure the cap on the implant matches the rest of the teeth surrounding the implant.

2). The multi dental implant: The multi dental implant is a procedure that will often involve the replacement of two or more teeth in the mouth. This new set of teeth will be shaped generally to fit into the cavity left by the previously missing teeth.
3). The full arch dental implant: The full arch dental implant involves the complete replacement of the complete upper or lower rows of teeth in the mouth. Many people will usually choose the full arch dental implant to get new sets of teeth for a total facial aesthetic makeover by a dentist.
Preparation and Bone Grafting for a dental implant

A dental implant involves a delicate procedure which means that you will have to set up the tooth area to receive the dental implant. You will need to get the tooth ready beforehand by carrying out bone grafting. The bone grafting is done to ensure that you increase your chances of getting a more successful tooth implant. 

Bone grafting is an essential preparatory procedure in aesthetic dentistry that is used to prepare the mouth for a dental implant. The process provides a strong surface and will usually promote the growth of the bones around the area.

Additionally, bone grafting helps a patient preserve the remaining bone structure of the jaw line. This helps prevent further deterioration of the material surrounding the tooth in order to prevent what the dental industry calls sinking teeth.

Getting permanent tooth replacement
Many professional dentists are experts in aesthetic dentistry implant placement and will usually help patients get modern, permanent, and safe replacements for their missing teeth. They can reliably perform the tooth replacement procedure for one missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, or the entire row of teeth in the mouth. They do this with the use of dental implants or implant-supported dentures and surgical guides. These are usually two of the best dental procedures used to give people permanent teeth when they have a whole missing row of teeth.

Patients’ Educational Moments
Most dental professionals and dentists will provide their patients’ with knowledge on the process of their next implant procedure. They explain the ropes in a manner that makes the patient feel comfortable with the procedure they are about to undertake. This helps the patients to become familiar with the process and know what to expect as soon as the procedure gets underway. Not only will the dentists explain the full details of the procedure, but they will also try to outline the benefits.
This is all done in an effort to have the patient leave the practice with a calm mind and a happy smile they can be proud of. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. We look forward to hearing everyone’s dental experience.

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