Putting together an outfit for today’s professional environment isn’t easy. There are a hundred different variables to consider, from work to play, office to outdoors, weddings to events, and everyday casual clothing. You can see that there are many models of luxury bags, including Michael Kors, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes and other brands on the market. They are all very luxurious and high-end.

Capsule wardrobes are monochrome bundles of matching outfits, but accessories such as the Louis Vuitton Game on Collection are the cherry on top of the cake. Investing in quality handbags or footwear can really pull your look together and allow you to show your sense of style. The question is whether or not an accessory can fit into all these environments? And how much do you want to spend on that one accessory?

If you need some inspiration to kickstart your accessories collection for this season, here’s our pick of 2021’s hottest items!

1. Louis Vuitton Game on Collection

Sporty yet chic, Louis Vuitton Game on Collection reinvents the Monogram suitcase for the modern traveler. Presented in bright colors and playful patterns, Nicolas Ghesquière gave the monogram his own artistic spin by creating a pattern of iconic flower prints and mixed it with a deck of playing cards to reimagine some of the French fashion house’s most iconic pieces across their leather goods.

Louis Vuitton Game on Collection
Louis Vuitton Game on Collection

Staying true to his designs, Nicolas Ghe squière creates the Louis Vuitton Game on Collection with the same signature style and techniques used in the House are other collections. LéaSeydoux plays an integral role in the campaign with her chic and modern approach to this timeless line.

Sporty yet chic, Vuitton’s Game on Collection reinvents the Monogram suitcase for the modern traveler. Presented in bright colors and playful patterns, Nicolas Ghesquière gave the monogram his own artistic spin by creating a pattern of iconic flower prints and mixed it with a deck of playing cards to reimagine some of the French fashion house’s most iconic pieces across their leather goods.

Monogram Canvas – Louis Vuitton Game on Collection

The Monogram Canvas comes in white and black, with red and blue as the complementary colors. It is an impressive combination of contrast and harmony that reflects the lifestyle of luxury fans. With bold colors and an array of patterns, the Louis Vuitton Game on Collection carries your senses away.

The Louis Vuitton Game on Collection is certain to attract attention; all items come with that signature ‘LV’ label with the brand’s updated LV logos. The pieces in the Game On Collection are very much in-line with the modern luxury aspect of the house’s DNA. It is chic, minimalist and ladylike, having all the essentials to achieve that “perfect Comme des Garcons style.”

Each of the most desirable pieces in this collection comes in a wide array of vibrant colors. This line includes the Monogram Heart Bag, a special edition made with Louis Vuitton’s highest quality leather and is the perfect bag for a whimsical date night.

2. Prada’s Fall-Winter 2021 Bag Collection


Taking their trademark soft-box bag as a base, the Prada bag collection for fall-winter 2021 explores primary contrasts. The Edge Bag is one of the main categories of their product line. They have three primary shapes from which many of their bags are derived. The Cleo, a boxy bag with a satchel shape and shoulder strap. The Bento Box, an oblong duffel shape ideal for carrying a tablet, laptop and other slim accessories, and the Edge Bag.

These pieces offer a unique perspective on the space between one trend and another, the point where opposites encounter one another, the place where they intersect and co-exist. It is about making things that are innovative in both form and function. This collection pays homage to classic design principles while addressing modern needs.

Prada world

The Prada Tote bag is the traditional workhorse of the Prada world. The Tote bag is the ultimate bag for all your needs. The concave shape of the bag allows you to pack it with all your essentials for a weekend away – from books to beach towels – but it is also small enough to carry around during the day. It can be worn on the back, across the body or carried by hand, making it an essential accessory every woman must have in their wardrobe.

The Neverfull is among the most original and easy-to-carry shoulder bags. The triangle zip closure flap echoes the same line as the top of the bag, lending it a curve that rounds off the geometric shape. The adjustable handle and the removable shoulder strap provide multiple wearing options. The Neverfull has been transformed into a trendy city bag also ideal for trips and vacations.

3. Chanel Fall-Winter 2021/22


Chanel has sent out a preview collection of the Fall-Winter 2021 bag collection. Inspired by the city of lights, this collection is a playful interpretation of a new era featuring many pieces embracing the fantasy of color. Sequins, pearls and chains were all revisited in unique compositions. This season’s palette contrasts where materials from the Chanel atelier are juxtaposed to achieve an urban, youthful design. Vintage fabrics with opulent motifs enjoyed a revival with reinterpretations of iconic codes on their structure. This collection explores the union of urban streetwear with luxury tailoring.


The classic Chanel flap bag will be available in an array of materials, including wool, tweed, and shearling. The bags also come in velvet and strass, with the black-and-gray hue making it all the glossier.Each design is inspired by the playfulness of couture designs, where attention to detail is evident in every single piece.

4. Dior’s Spring 2022 Collection


Fashion is no longer as dignified as it once was. In recent collections, bold colors and graphics have been seen by many designers. However, at Dior’s Spring 2022 collection, the nostalgic sensibility is seen through the vivid colors and textures that Maria GraziaChiuri incorporated into her collection.

spring collection
spring collection

From the bold setting to the graphic print, the spring collection has broken all barriers. This tenuous block of time is intended to provide us with a fun experience for this coming spring season. Dior has wowed fans with their recent collection by contrasting color palettes and using silhouettes unlike any seen in today’s fashion world. This collection pays homage to Marc Bohan, who was the creative director for Dior until 1993. The designer drew inspiration from Bohan’s 1961 Slim Look collection to promote feminism.

The Dior spring -2022 collection contains a clear theme of curiosity, desire, and research. GraziaChiuri expresses a modern but retro interpretation of early 1960s fashion in the spring line. Both Lady Dior and the Dior Bobby appear in bright colors that draw sharp contrasts with the traditional black and white aesthetic. In addition, iconic bags such as the Dior Caro are exposed in a vibrant spectrum ranging from sunshine to pastel pinks, presenting a vivid color palette.

Below are some other brands:


1. The Hermes Birkin


Hermes Birkin is the most popular classic design. It’s an investment that will never go out of style, with an iconic design that you will carry with you for years. The Hermes Birkin always adds a touch of elegance to your outfit. It looks good on anyone.

2. The Louis Vuitton Speedy


Everyone knows this bag. It’s popular among celebrities and socialites all over the world. It is convenient but also elegant at the same time so that it can be worn with any outfit, on any occasion or event, in your everyday life or when you want to look more elegant.

3. The Chanel Boy Bag


It is a modern version of a classic flap bag that has become really popular recently. It is just the right size to carry your daily essentials and go out during the day or at night.

A luxury bag is a timeless investment, a perfect companion for your outfits. And it can be a handy accessory to highlight the elegance of your looks in all the seasons of the year.


Here are some tips to help you choose your next great accessory.


Still, there are also models in sophisticated fabrics or even in suede. So it’s necessary to know which material suits you best according to your outfit, moment and personality. A satchel in lambskin is ideal for work. While a slouchy bag made in soft leather will be perfect for more casual outfits. When you want to look more formal for evening or special events, you can opt for evening handbags suitable for small evening bags or clutch bags.

It’s important to choose a bag that does not overpower you or your outfit. A smaller bag will do the trick, especially if it’s not too heavy or bulky. Bag color is also crucial, especially for evening bags. When it comes to choosing a smart, upscale bag for work, details are everything.

By Swati