ED drug

Erectile Dysfunction is surely a sore in the throat for many men. There is no such disorder that has troubled people so much and in multiple ways than ED. Though nowadays everywhere coronavirus is talked about before its introduction in the male community it was only ED. Here are some major restrictions to take ED drug.

Even in times of lockdown if you check the sales of pills such as Fildena 100mg, Cenforce, and Vidalista 20 one would find that the demand was still present.

But if we look from another perspective, we get to know that unknowingly we have become slaves of these drugs to make love with our partner. Sexual intercourse is a biological process but see the worsening condition that to execute a natural process we have to consume pills.

But which factors have led men to this drastic situation? In this article, we shall discuss all such reasons and how we could eradicate them for a satisfying sexual life.

What, why, and how of Erectile Dysfunction?

ED has led to divorces, extramarital affairs, conflicts in the family, and whatnot. People think of ED as only a sexual disorder but actually, it is more than that.

Its after-effects are more psychological than physical often making patients depressed. ED is a situation in which a male does not receive the erection which is necessary for sexual intercourse.

When a healthy person gets sexually seduced or aroused in response his penis gets erect. This erection occurs because a large quantity of blood entered into the penis during stimulation. When due to some reasons during the stimulation this flow of blood into the blood is unable to take place, the erection does not occur.

So, the erection is directly proportional to the flow of blood into the penis. Hence, to solve this problem only the blood supply needs to be sorted. 



  • Being a smoker is makes you a premium candidate that requires no double surety to qualify for ED. It is a fact that almost all smokers are victims of ED either currently or in the upcoming future become one.
  • Smoking introduces carbon monoxide in the body which extracts oxygen from the oxygenated blood which is supplied to organs. And gradually the blood supply is also stopped which results in the poor efficiency of the organs.

Intake of alcohol

  • Alcohol is not fully dangerous for sexual life but in some cases, it is beneficial also. If taken in small quantities the brain is relieved from tensions and worries. The activity of the nervous system is reduced by restricting the transmission of messages between the brain and the organs.
  • This reduces the stress levels significantly and allows the person to get better sleep. Thus, it also plays the role of a tranquillizer.
  • The damage begins when alcoholic drinks are consumed by crossing limits by miles and kilometres. The neurovascular system is damaged which results in poor coordination between the brain and the organs. 
  • This causes the important secretion of enzymes and the blood flow to stop. In such a condition if anyone gets stimulated the penis remains of the same size as earlier.

Reaction with other drugs

  • Many drugs used for the treatment of other disorders have ED as one of their side effects. 
  • This type of ED is known as short-term ED as the ED lasts till the consumption of that particular drug. As soon as the drug is stopped the ED also goes away with it. 
  • But if even after the termination of the drug ED still persists then call the doctor immediately.

Restrictions needed for taking ED pills

To get rid of ED there are not many ways but to use pills like Fildena 100 Online, Cenforce 100, and Vidalista from Arrowmeds.com.

But some conditions need to be abided by so that the drug can work marijuanato its full potential.

  • Give up any addictions if you have such as tobacco, , use of recreational drugs. Using these substances with pills will reduce the effectiveness of the drug in treating ED.
  • Try to eat a light and balanced meal. Lower the intake of high calorie and high sugar content food items. Consuming such food items regularly makes a person obese and more vulnerable to ED.
  • Get a night of adequate sleep for 5 to 6 hours with no disturbance. Poor mental health is also one of the reasons that cause ED. This is common sense that a depressed person will never think of sexual pleasure. To get that lust for physical love needs a person to be free from tensions and worries.
  • While taking one ED pill do not go for another one. In such a case first, end the consumption of the first one, then use the second one. Using both of them will result in serious side effects.
  • During the medication of ED, the person should not undergo any surgery.