The speed with which the main search engines can index a blog’s content makes it a potent tool in its own right. Let’s take a look at the two most common types of bloggers and the ways in which they make money off of their sites.

  1. Personal Lifestyle Journaling

Do you have the characteristics of a cool person? Then perhaps you should start a lifestyle blog! It is important for a Lifestyle blog to come across as approachable, humorous, and positive.

The “celebrity” status that comes with lifestyle blogging is cool, especially if your posts are well-written, visually appealing, eccentric, and funny.

The best way to make money from a blog is to have a large enough audience that you can earn money from advertising or by reviewing products and places. The ideal strategy could be to publish a blog post in which you describe your experience using a particular product or going to a particular nightclub as part of your lifestyle (and be paid to do so by the company). If you’re a lifestyle writer, you may sell things in the same way that movies do—by cleverly showcasing them as you go about your day. Think of James Bond driving an Aston Martin or BMW.For more information visit greetingsus .

Here are a couple of examples of popular lifestyle blogs:

To Xia Xue (

Angie Leow Gray (

You may want to start a lifestyle blog if you are young, talented in writing and photography, and have access to all the necessary equipment. It’s possible that an Alfresco Dining Restaurant or NightLife Club could pay you $5,000 to $10,000 to attend an event there and write a blog post about it.

  1. Expertise in a Specific Blog Field

A specialised professional blog addresses the needs of its specialist audience by providing helpful advice and new perspectives. Both the dynamics and the methods of monetization of a professional blog and a leisure blog are distinct from one another.

A skilled blogger always considers the reader when crafting an article. To rephrase: he never writes about himself. In his writings, he focuses on the ways in which he might help others, usually by providing a solution to a problem they’re having.

If you happen to be a golf instructor, you could find it helpful to upload videos on YouTube that cover topics like “how to stop slices” and “how to hit the driver” effectively. You could call that the “marketing” side of things. The ultimate goal of your marketing efforts is to sell a golf instruction programme, DVD, or CD to generate income.

The best case scenario is if they can buy your product and make a purchase online.

Which Is Better: A Full-Time Job or a Blogging Lifestyle?

To make a significant living from blogging professionally, you don’t need a massive readership or a lot of pageviews. Customers seeking a solution to a problem are likely to visit these blogs. In some specialised markets, I’ve seen clients willing to shell out as much as fifty thousand dollars for a service that addresses a pressing issue.

A professional blogger doesn’t require a large, broad audience when all they need is a small, targeted audience with a large problem since people are willing to pay a lot of money when they have anything in their life that needs repairing.

Lifestyle bloggers, on the other hand, attract readers who aren’t necessarily looking to make a purchase. They go primarily to have fun!

Liken the general public going to the movies to the very small subset of people who suffer from arthritis. Though his clientele will be tiny, the arthritis specialist who finds a solution for them can still make a comfortable living because to his expertise.

The majority of your money as a lifestyle blogger will come from ads and sponsors in the same niche as your blog. Get as many people as possible to visit your website, as this will increase your chances of making a profit. Keeping readers interested in your blog necessitates that you consistently provide fresh content. That’s more of a hobby than work. Rather from being a six-figure advertising/marketing/product-endorsement platform from the get-go, most lifestyle blogs are started as a pastime.

If you’re looking to make money online, I’d suggest professional blogging is the way to go because of the ease with which you can reach out to a targeted audience and the high returns you’ll see for providing solutions to their concerns.

This is just my opinion though; feel free to try out different approaches to writing and see what you like most!

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