Marketplace Superheroes vs Amazing Selling Machine

If you confuse of which of the Amazon FBA courses you should go with then it can be a tricky decision to make for me too.

As these, both are amazing Amazon FBA course and I have done research on both of them but I also can not decide which is the best. So in this article, we have put 5 things that will determine which one is the best but that decision is for you to make because I love them both.

They bot are best in their own kind but if you confuse that which way you should go and which one can make you rich then it is your job to decide for your self. 

This list will help you identify as this list have all those things that are the main things for this course so without further due let’s scroll down and see for your self.

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Marketplace Superheroes vs Amazing Selling Machine

1- Price Winner: Marketplace Superheroes

If we talk about the price of both programs then you will be amazed to hear that Marketplace superheroes are $3000 dollar cheaper than Amazing Selling Machine which is amazing.

If you are thinking of the price difference then you are thinking right ASM 11 is of $4997 whereas Marketplace Superheroes are just for $997 that is a major difference and I think this will determine for you that which course is the best. 

If you are thinking why this much difference in these two programs? Then you are thinking about the right question.

The difference between these two courses is because Marketplace is new in the market whereas ASM is well known in the market and have its own reputation.

Secondly, ASM has a success story of its own that is superior in front of Marketplace that’s why there is a lot of reasons for ASM charging that much.

2- Overall Training Experience: Amazing Selling Machine

The second most important thing is the training experience of these two programs and how they teach their customers.

As we have researched that both of the programs train them with the latest strategies of how they can sell on Amazon and also teach strategies of way beyond that but the question is how much you are engaged with their training? Is it helping you or not? 

As my research is complete and my decision is that Amazing Selling Machine wins this race.

If you see ASM training is way up then Marketplace as they have introduced to their 11 versions and in every version they have improved their training and updated their strategies that helped many people in building a business of their own.

3- Best Chance Of Earning ROI: Amazing Selling Machine

As this can be the most important thing to consider when you are determining which course from these two you should take but many people do not make their decision base on ROI.

They just look at the sticker price and then decide which course they should enrol in. The main thing you should consider which course is giving you a higher ROI. 

Moreover, ASM is considered expensive but if we demonstrate the training program then I think that ASM is giving better chances of investing in online business than Marketplace and it can be really effective for the customer and the businessman.

4- Best overall value: Marketplace Superheroes

If you consider the best overall value then MPSH has the best overall value than ASM. MPSH not only gives you a training program they also give you software tools that will help you in selling products.

Although ASM also gives software tools they are on a free trial and after 60 days a monthly bill is attached with them if you use them.

5- Go Big Or Stay Small: Tie

If you looking for a difference in this category then you will find not so much because the goal of these two courses is the same.

If I talk about MPSH, so MPSH is known for selling low-quality products in a wide variety of market places as for the ASM they want to make your business into a brand. 


We hope that you have made your decision and we would like to listen to that too so please let us know what you have decided.

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