MarTech Insights

First Things First: What’s “MarTech Insights”?

MarTech refers to what’s known as marketing technology. Marketing technology leverages tools like the internet toward increased customer engagement. There are other tools as well. Radio is technically a form of technology used in marketing. So, though modern marketers may not consider it as included under MarTech’s definition, it technically is.

Today’s MarTech options tend to be centered among computational solutions with an internet root. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a prime tool in a MarTech tool suite. So also is Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click (PPC), guest-blogging, and more.

While you may think your particular business is so socially integral there is no need to lean into MarTech, you may want to work with consultants to assure that’s the case. Take medicine, for example. Everybody needs healthcare, right? So why do you need to market your healthcare business? Isn’t what you provide essentially integral to local society?

It certainly is. In fact, it’s so integral, you will likely not be the only option in town. In all reality, you’ll be one of many healthcare businesses potential patients have to choose from. MarTech helps you attract a greater market share than you’d be able to capture otherwise. Here we’ll explore this concept a little further.

Tiering MarTech to Match Your Particular Healthcare Niche

There will be different sorts of marketing for different sorts of healthcare. A dentist will have a marketing campaign that contrasts sharply with, say, a plastic surgeon marketing campaign. You want consultants who can help you make the right moves. Believe it or not, entire businesses are managed surrounding specific medical marketing niches.

The SEO Angle

SEO is very important in today’s marketing. It acts as sort of a “channeling” agent, if you will. It helps to “channel” the appropriate “traffic” to the “site” of your online persona.

Proper SEO will expand your demographic market share locally, though you’ll want to be regular about the sort of SEO solutions you put into play. Here’s a link to healthcare SEO options worth considering.

Guest Blogging and Content Design

Beyond SEO implementation, you’ll want to get whatever online content you produced featured in the right places. If you write an article regarding niche therapies, the sort of patients you serve will likely need to think about, you’ll want to post that article in more places than just your website.

Find health blogs that take a perspective matching that of your healthcare business. Post your blogs on social media. Share them in threads as appropriate; you get the idea.

Also, the content you put together needs to be readable by potential customers. You need to have proper white space between paragraphs. Paragraphs shouldn’t be too long, and neither should sentences. Use vocabulary that matches your primary audience. Design content to be applicable as long as possible—you’re seeking “evergreen” solutions.

Marketing professionals who specialize in SEO can give you more relevant tips, including visual elements like videos, infographics, or pictures of your medical staff at work. You’re seeking to be perceived as personable, relatable, professional, affordable, local, and nearby.

Choosing MarTech That Fits Your Business

Guest blogging and content design will define the sort of MarTech insights you choose. You’ll also want the best SEO you’re able to obtain. Make sure whatever MarTech insights you go with are additionally conducive to your particular healthcare niche.

As a last tip, be sure whatever you do has a mobile analogue that isn’t hard for customers to interface with. These days, people tend to depend on mobile web interfaces.