A renovated, well-furnished bathroom adds exquisite value to your home’s beauty and also checks on your disease-free existence. It is said that a clean and attractive bathroom updates your style and makes better adaptations for your home. A clean bathroom is a mandatory need for any family because it assists the hygiene and well-being of the members.  But, if you wish to have an updated bathroom or to Renovate Your Bathroom  with cleansed floors, walls, toiletries, and everything in a tidy setup, you will need to master some tips. And these tips will surely benefit you to build a bathroom that is attractive, clean, and hygienic. The white tiles become yellow due to stains, and this multiplies with time. Read along to follow some tips which will ease your mind and help you Renovate Your Bathroom updated.

1. Shower Floor – Renovate Your Bathroom

You will get to choose from vagrant options while selecting tiles for the floor, but don’t forget to lay special emphasis on the shower floor. It needs to be slip-resistant and textured so as to avoid slips. Also, extra grouting may help to some extent. While you are focussing on the shower, do learn about an effective way of unblocking a shower drain to minimize clogging online. The modern tiles use grouts to avoid molds and stains. Ceramic tiles are a good option for you. 

Designing better showerheads reduces water wastage and puts it to better use. While you install a shower in your bathroom, make sure it has thermostatic valves to do away with temperature fluctuations. Remodel your shower by making it efficient as well as attractive. Do not compromise on a better look as bathroom floors should bring a magnificent look.  

2. Cleaning Every Nook and Corner

Just installing attractive tiles won’t really do much good. You have to clean them as well, especially emphasizing the corners as they hold onto molds and specks of dust. Also, never settle for a satisfactory cleaning agent, you won’t really want to damage your floors with it, HG cleaners are best when it comes to cleaning and protecting your toilets from infectious agents. It is very important to clean the stained spot with due efficiency, if you don’t do so, the marks will stay.

It is very difficult to get rid of mildew accumulated at every nook and cranny of your bathroom floor, it requires extra attention to whisk them off. You can use a paste made with hydrogen peroxide and washing soda, it works well to cleanse off mold and spots in a safer way. Do not avoid any area or any corner of your bathroom. 

3. Install a Drain Pipe

Installing a drain pipe of around 2 inches is a really minor thing, but it will be a big step for your bathroom’s efficient functioning. It really makes a big difference because water clogging is a usual issue that eventually grows. The usual PVC pipes that are fixed into your bathroom surfaces are 1.25 or 1.5 inches long, which clogs water, and why would it not whilst bearing a family of 4 to 5 members. So, why not install a drain pipe of 2 inches to smoothen your drainage system. 

A drain pipe might not be considered so essential in a bathroom, or might be ignored, but choosing the right size of pipe will eliminate most of your accumulated clog in the bathroom. You can fix your issues by just changing a pipe. 

4. Go for Heated Flooring

If you have decided to remodel your bathroom floors, consider heated floors. They are not that expensive, but will definitely add value to your house. In the long run, they will cut your energy cost and the heated tiles will keep off the coldness of the floor. This is really effective in a cold climate. 

Radiant heating of floors is worth considering while remodeling your bathroom. Yes, you pay a little more than the usual floor, but the benefits are prolonged, the comfort a heated floor provides is much more along with energy-saving and more resale value. Rooms with small spaces and lower roofs are most efficient for heated floors, therefore bathrooms are the perfect place to be transformed with heated floors. 

5. Window Installation 

Humid spaces give rise to molds, and when your bathrooms lack proper ventilation it becomes moist and humid. One of the main reasons for accumulated mildew is the lack of windows in a bathroom. However, a fan will do, but natural ventilation makes a huge impact. While you remodel your bathroom, don’t forget to add a window in your shower to shove off humidity and bring in natural light. 

Natural light will also facilitate cost reduction in the mode of energy saving, you won’t need to switch on lights in the daytime. 

6. Simplistic Fixtures

While you plan to remodel your bathroom and design a layout for fixtures, try to keep it very simple. Of course, go for aesthetic installations, but don’t make it too many. Try to keep it simple yet beautiful by bringing in a shower, a sink, a tub, and a toilet. Heavy fixtures are always pricey and they don’t even add a good value to your home. Try to keep it flair and simple with minimal choices but good ones. Your fixtures are the ultimate utility of your bathroom. 

7. Low Toilets or Hidden Tanks- Renovate Your Bathroom

Toilets that have hidden tanks are extremely efficient for water storage purposes and can be a good choice for bathrooms with small spaces. While you can manage well with your space constraints, you also don’t need to compromise with the design. These toilets are extremely modern, giving a better look to your bathrooms. Also, low-flow designs of toilets save your water with every flush, so you can go for it as well. 

Installing such toilets make your small bathrooms look comfy and attractive. Also, you don’t overuse resources like water and save them rather. Think about these better ideas and make installations. Consider upgrading your bathroom are available at Viking Rental

Final Verdict

Although it may sound quite easy and feasible, maintaining a bathroom is a tedious job and comes with multiple hindrances. Cleaning bathroom floors regularly is hectic, cleaning the corners is yet more tiring and involves a lot of patience. However, this article lists some of the best tips to update your bathroom and make it a better place for your family members.