Microsoft 365 Backup Tool

Microsoft 365 is one of the most advanced productivity suites and collaboration apps that combines communication, information, and productivity in one place. Many businesses rely on it for work efficiency, but how complacent should they be with Office 365 data security?

Microsoft is a well-known and trusted name in the industry. Thus, many feel secure working within the Office 365 environment because they believe a backup plan is not that urgent or even necessary.

The truth is that many Software as Services do not offer data protection, and Office 365 is not an exemption. They only provide short-term protection against data loss but can’t help you with data recovery.

Why You Need Microsoft 365 Backup Tool 

If you’re not using Microsoft 365 backups, you could risk losing all your data if something happens to your computer or network. Data loss can occur when there’s an accident from human errors or natural disasters that can ruin computer hardware and networks.

Data loss is an expensive inconvenience that can cost your company thousands of dollars in data recovery alone. If you factor in the loss from the complete halt of business operations while data recovery is undertaken, you’ll only get massive losses. It can take days, or even weeks or months to get everything back up and running again. This means lost productivity and revenue.

Microsoft 365 backup and recovery software makes it easy for you to protect your company data against all kinds of losses, including unintentional deletion, human errors, or cyber-attacks.

Data loss is a big concern for businesses. A study by the Ponemon Institute found that 59% of companies experience data breaches from third-party ecosystems. If you still feel that getting a backup tool is not a top priority, here are more reasons to think otherwise.

1. Protection from cyberattacks

It’s common for hackers to attack businesses through email or social media. If you don’t have any kind of protection, it would only take a click on an infected link or attachment, and you could lose everything.

Hackers could steal passwords and access confidential business files. They could even change your company’s website, get into its official social media accounts, and manipulate company data.

2. Protection from corrupted data and human error

Data corruption can occur due to hardware, software, or human error. Data corruption can be detected and corrected using a backup and recovery solution. Microsoft 365 backup tools will help you protect your data from unauthorized modifications or accidental deletion.

A good backup and recovery solution should protect your business’s entire IT infrastructure in case of natural disasters such as floods or fires and man-made disasters like hardware failures. It should also allow you to quickly restore lost or corrupted files so that no vital information is lost while waiting for repairs to be completed.

3. Automation and monitoring

The Microsoft 365 backup and recovery software such as Simeon Cloud, makes it easy for businesses to protect and keep their data safe through automated backup. This tool allows you to schedule backups to perform automatically at set times.

This Microsoft 365 automation tool has an option where you can set up a continuous backup system so that your data will be backed up every time something changes within the system. This means that all your important documents and files will be saved automatically while employees work on them.

Benefits of Having a Backup Tool

With Simeon Cloud, you can get help planning the backup and recovery process. You can also get assistance in integrating the tool with your other systems in the form of Active Directory backups. It allows you to create a backup solution for all your devices, from laptops and desktops to servers, databases, and mobile devices.

Here are some of the things you can get that will make you feel more secure and prevent revenue loss:

  • Automated backup and restore configurations that you can schedule
  • Improved security and compliance consistent with best practices
  • Receive monitoring reports and alerts
  • Multi-tenant management in a single dashboard
  • You can quickly locate the data that you need, from single files to entire folders

With a Microsoft 365 automation tool, there is no need for additional and costly software or hardware installation. You can create backups automatically saved on a local storage device or in the cloud. The tool includes built-in capabilities allowing you to manage and restore backups when needed.

Wrapping Up

Remember that not all backup tools are created equal. Some tools may be more expensive, but they may provide better protection for your business’s data. Other tools are cheaper but may be less valuable. At the end of the day, it’s essential to choose a backup solution tailored to the needs of your business.

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