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If you are planning to buy a house or any asset, then you must be looking for mortgage options. Consecutively the two significant choices you have with you are the mortgage brokers or banks. This can be a confusing decision to take as to what should be the suitable option for you to choose to make your mortgaging process relatively easy and simplified. You’ll need to figure out who can do a great job of assisting you in determining how much house you can handle and which loan choice will best fit your needs.

Who is a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker can be defined as an individual or a company that acts as a middleman between mortgage lenders and borrowers. The brokers merely assist you in preparing your mortgage application, attaching all relevant paperwork, and issuing a pre-approval so that the lender can quickly and easily accept it. Generally, the mortgage brokers are compensated by the lender (in most cases), the creditor (in some cases), or both (in some cases). These commissions are usually received after the lender has accepted the proposal. By considerations such as the value of the debt, the length of the loan, etc., the commission is determined.

Mortgage Broker v. Banks

Mortgage Broker:

  1. Mortgage brokers negotiate the best rate for you. Hence, when they buy large quantities of mortgage items, they can pass on volume savings to you. Only limited items like mortgage options can be provided by the banks.
  2. These mortgage Brokers having a wide range of choices provide multiple products because they deal with different lenders.
  3. Mortgage brokers essentially provide options around for you, bargain on your behalf, and present you with the best deal available.
  4. Mortgage brokers are a less well-known choice, and first-time homebuyers are unlikely to have any prior relationships with them.
  5. Independent mortgage brokers serve after getting a license. They can quickly secure lower prices from lenders, and they purchase large numbers of mortgage items.
  6. One most significant advantage is that they will pass on these discounted rates to you directly.


  1. Generally, it’s pretty easy to get a mortgage from banks since the process is straightforward. You would need to fill out the loan application, speak with a loan officer, and go through your available options.
  2. Banks generally tend to provide good opportunities. Further taking out a home loan from your financial institution may entitle you to benefits such as free checking.
  3. With limited options, that the institution offers; are been followed by the banks.
  4. Banks encourage you to bundle your services with a company with whom you have a long-term relationship and whom you have considered trustworthy.
  5. When they get discounts, banks don’t pass on those to you, though, which can be one of the significant drawbacks.
  6. Banks will often offer discounts on their advertised mortgage rates; however, you must negotiate this.


Mortgaging is a significant financial undertaking. Hence, you need to choose the best option that would make your hectic procedure easy, and thus, you would save both your money and time. With the assistance of a mortgage broker or a bank, you can effectively negotiate the home loan application process. Whichever alternative provides you with the loan terms you need to fund your home easily. And this would serve as the best option for you.

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By Sambit