Norton 360 with LifeLock Identity

Identity theft is something we see quite often in the news

We often see news about a celebrity having information leaked but most identity thefts happen to regular people. Often an organization or a website who has their data breached later leads to fake identities created with these stolen data and crimes committed in the name of the victims. Norton 360 with LifeLock identity theft protection was created for this purpose. What it does is that it monitors your credit cards to see if anything tries to charge it without your doing, scans the internet for potential threats of identity being stolen and it alerts you of potential issues.

No product is perfect and just like with everything else, Norton has both pros and cons.

The good things about Norton 360 with LifeLock identity theft is that is has a 60 day money back guarantee. This means that it stands with confidence behind what it promises that it can do for you. You get real time alerts of a potential identity theft and plus, if you have stolen funds they insure of up to one million dollars reimbursement plus they will pay for your lawyers and experts. On top of that you get both identity theft protection together with a powerful antivirus software. They can be bought together in a bundle to save money but if you prefer a different antivirus software you can also buy the LifeLock Identity Theft Protection alone separately. The LifeLock comes with three levels of usefulness, first level being the cheapest and simplest, LifeLock Select, followed by LifeLock Advantage and for the best experience they also offer LifeLock Ultimate Plus, just like an antivirus software that has a basic plan and then a premium with more benefits.

While it can identity theft and remediates it, it cannot prevent it.

And that is just one of the cons the product comes with. There is also no free trial, you do have a money back guarantee but you cannot try the program to see how it is. Unfortunately, it cannot monitor all the transactions on some businesses and it does not assist with freezing your credit line. Depending on what device you use, some functions of the Norton 360 that you pay extra for might not work or the program might not work at all on your platform. For example, on IOS devices the security protection is limited. There is also no parental control or a backup option on macOS. If you purchase the bundle package for a year and you cancel within 60 days, you are eligible for a refund, thus it can act as a free trial if you are really unsatisfied with the product.

Norton without LifeLock acts similarly to any other antivirus software.

Andjust like any other antivirus it comes with a basic plan or a premium plan. It offers everything you would expect from an antivirus software, complete protection and phishing blocking together with a powerful firewall and a secure VPN, even an online secure backup storage for your important files that might contain sensitive data.  It monitors dark web presences, and it prevents webcam hacking. If you do get a computer virus it is able to remove it and remediate the problem remotely. Paired together with LifeLock, it takes the features mentioned beforehand and adds the abilities of preventing identity theft, including a high sum of insurance in case you lose money or your data. You can, of course, get another antivirus software and still use the LifeLock but it will not work at its full potential.

The Norton bundle needs to know you very well before it can do its job.            

Using both  Norton 360 and LifeLock Identity Theft protection as a bundle saves you money but it means that you will have to give all sort of information about yourself in order for it to work. The Norton 360 with LifeLock packet subscription needs a lot of your personal info, without that, it cannot guarantee and keep its promises. The information it requires is a very large list of personal details and sensitive data such as Social Security Number, credit card and bank accounts data, date of birth and even address, however, the list can continue. It monitors everything and thus, it needs to know your data in order to alert you if it is being tampered with and stop it from happening.But what if Norton themselves is the one who mishandles your data? Well, in that case, they have their insurance to cover if a mistake like that were to happen. This completes our Norton 360 review and the package bundle it can come with.

TheNorton bundle is doing everything it could do. No programs can eliminate all. 

Even if you purchase and use the best identity theft protection software that can keep your data safe, it will not go and delete your information people search sites collect or have already collected about you. Whether you were part of a data breach where your information was stolen or simply, you shared too much information on your socials and now they have been collected and stored on people search sites, no antivirus program will go and take care of the problem for you. OneRep was created for this purpose and it can erase personal data about you that has already been collected by people search sites. While there might be other websites that offer the same service of fixing people’s privacy breaches, OneRep was made with affordability in mind. On top of that, OneRep website’s tool can look through 103 people sites and remove the information it finds about you automatically while other, more expensive sites will not bother to go that deep. Not everyone has the knowledge and time to go and manually remove themselves from such sites, and even if they do, they will still not know for sure if what they did was successful and if they went through all the sites that collect data.


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