Silk and satin is a very luxurious fabric and preferred mostly for parties. On the one side, silk is made from natural processes, satin includes both natural and synthetic threads to produce it. These fabrics make space in the closet as fashionable fabric due to their lavish look and never ending shiny appearance. Due to their high wholesale fabric demand in the market, fabric distributor of this material are offering low quality fabric which is unacceptable. 

Well, do you know why these fabrics are becoming so popular? This is because silk and satin both made great combinations as well as durable fabrics for party wear dresses. In today’s guide, we will learn kinds of partywear outfits that can be created out of silk and satin blend. 

Evening Gown

The first and best outfit that you can create out of silk and satin combination is an evening gown. There are various styling options which you can choose to sew this attire. Firstly you can have a full look without any belt or pleats. Lower part of the gown can have layers to create flow. This is best for occasions such as weddings. Another way to create a gown is having pleats on the waist side so that it can appear as airy when moving or walking. This is best for dancing parties. Now the last way to make a gown is a belt. You can put a belt on the waist side as it will look good on royal parties or any night event. You can carry these gowns with a pair of heels, a good satin bag and bun hairstyle.


If you are become bore with the gowns then try a new style for parties. Choose a lightweight and comfy jumpsuit for your next parties. You can choose silk and satin fabric for this outfit. You can either go pure silk material for the entire attire or either can create an inner layer with satin and outer layer with silk. But remember these outfits should have one fabric for the whole cloth as combining both fabrics for one suit could ruin it. 

Maxi dress

This is the best option to choose for casual parties or for college fest. You can carry these outfits in multiple ways. Firstly, you can choose strap sleeves to make it trendy and comfy. You can also go for puff sleeves but I would suggest for strap sleeves as it allows you to wear a jacket for casual events. In this way, you can carry it for multiple events. To make it more party wear, you can go for a slit maxi dress. You can choose boots to carry with these outfits while heels would be better for an evening party. Carry leather or satin bags to complete the look.  

Silk shirt or pant

This is the most fashionable and trendy look for formal parties. Here with satin and silk fabric you can create a shirt with formal pants. Also, you can choose satin pants to carry with a cotton shirt. This look is exclusively perfect for office events. You can also choose a jacket or silk coat to carry with this look. Go for formal shoes or heels for this look. You can also choose to wear minimal jewellery and make up to make this look more formal and partywear. 


No wonder silk and satin both fabric has their own value when it comes to partywear outfits. Shine, flowy look, luxurious appearance and many more things make it potential for celebrations wear. Furthermore, silk and satin is durable and can be reused again and again. A little bit of care instruction and this fashionable fabric is ready to rock. You can buy Wholesale fabric to create various outfits from these fabrics.  You just need to find a good fabric distributor to get authentic and original silk and satin material. Yet if you are unable to find one do not worry. Fabriclore is providing its services throughout the US, UK and Canada. You can try thousands of varieties of designer fabric with combinations of multiple crafts. So hurry and get the fabric of your dream.