Proper Care of a Glock

Whether you have an original or a Glock 43x, you will need to care for it if you want it to last. While you should refer to your owner’s manual for the most accurate instructions, here are some basic things you can do to keep your gun in perfect condition.

Keep Track of When You Need To Care for It

Typically, a Glock needs to be cleaned when it is brand new before firing, after each range session, at least once per month if you haven’t used it, and anytime it has been exposed to snow, rain, sweat, water, dust, or dirt.

Besides regular cleanings, you will want to have it inspected, especially if you use it a lot. You can mail it to Glock for its service, or you can find a local certified gunsmith. Since these are common firearms, you can find a Glock armorer almost anywhere. These gunsmiths can replace any worn parts and keep your handgun in prime condition.

Clean It Regularly

Regular cleaning protects your gun from rust and removes any dirt or debris that would prevent it from working properly. Field strip your firearm and give it a good clean. Your owner’s manual will instruct you on proper cleaning techniques, where to apply oil afterward, and how much is necessary. Make sure you use the recommended amount of oil. Using too much or too little can affect your pistol’s performance.

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Update Your Will With Instructions

When you maintain your Glock handguns, they will outlast you. Therefore, you need to keep your will updated with instructions on who gets your firearms and make sure you follow any related laws.

Store It Safely

Part of being responsible with your guns is knowing how to store your firearm. Therefore, you want to keep your Glock in a dry location with either a key or combination lock. Gun safes are the best option because they protect your firearms from humidity and fires while ensuring that no one can access your weapons. If this is not a feasible option for your home, a case with a lock is another suitable alternative if you store it in a dry location. If you don’t have a locking case, a trigger guard lock is your last resort.

Any handgun needs some care if you want it to last, and Glocks are no exception. By following these basic rules, you can ensure that your gun outlasts you and that it is well cared for.

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