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The photocopier remains a staple of the business and office environment. Despite the fact that the world is becoming increasingly digital and steps are being made to go paperless, the Photocopier repairs in Melbourne an essential item. However, not all photocopiers are the same! A basic photocopier allows you to place a sheet of paper on the screen and copy it. Larger and more complex models allow you to photocopy several sheets at a time, keeping them in order. Some copiers even connect to your office network and allow you to print from your computer. Again, they can collate the pages to ensure they are printed together. This makes it much easier to take a presentation off the photocopier. However, unless you have invested in the best booklet makers this may not be the end of the story. Here’s why you need a booklet finisher as part of your copier:

Time Saving

Have you ever considered how long it takes to pull a pile of paper off your copier, separate it into the necessary presentations, and then staple the pages together? 

The answer is hours. The more presentations you have the longer it takes. Pages always seem to stick together and there is always one missing as well as a host of paper cuts ruining the finished look.

The booklet finisher means you don’t need to worry about any of this, it does everything for you and allows you to simply pick up the presentations ready to use them.

That doesn’t just save you hours of time, it can save an abundance of stress that usually occurs as you struggle to get the presentations ready for a deadline.


When you use a booklet maker you will have a uniform look to every presentation, whether you make ten or ten thousand. No matter how hard you try, it is unlikely that you will get the same uniformity when putting the presentations together by hand. If you do it will dramatically increase the amount of time it takes to prepare them.

This creates a more professional image for your company. In fact, a professional-looking presentation can make the difference between success and failure when creating propositions. 

What The Booklet Finisher or Maker Does

In case you are not sure, a booklet maker is capable of stapling your pages together, up to a defined number of pages at a time. It can also punch holes in them. 

Alongside this, the booklet maker can tri-fold documents to help with pull-out sections. It can also use the standard booklet fold and even saddle stitch the papers together. 

All of this is done by setting the preferences on the booklet maker and then leaving the machine to do its job. 

Cost Comparison

It is worth noting that booklet makers are not an expensive investment, especially when you consider the amount of time and labour costs they can save you on a daily basis. It’s time you made sure your copier has a booklet finisher. 


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