Become A Pediatrician

Your medical degree is sure to give you an overwhelming sense of achievement that you rightly deserve. Four endless years of utmost determination and commitment, and finally, you make it to graduation day hoping to create an impact in the everchanging world. The struggle doesn’t end here, of course. The new struggle began before you even got this one finished! Yes, I’m talking about the residency program and your career path.  It must give you a whole new level of stress to decide your specialization. You might have thought that you know yourself better and would decide according to what you feel comfortable with, but it’s not that simple, and we know that very well. It becomes even harder to list out your qualities and strengths when knowing yourself. You face this unnerving blankness and may feel that you have no idea about your existence to Become A Pediatrician! 

Well, you need to get yourself that soothing cup of coffee with melted caramel and read out on why becoming a pediatrician will probably be the best decision you have made in your life. Here are some of why becoming a pediatrician is the best way to go.

Rewarding Nature Of Work

Treating children is very rewarding. You become this guardian angel for them or their superhero in an instant if you resonate with their emotions. Your underlying emotions must find a proper channel. Some people have a natural way with the kids, and if you are one of them, you are only one step away from becoming an expert in connecting with children. To survive in this competitive world, all professionals must avail additional opportunities to reinforce their knowledge and work towards continuous professional development. 

For pediatricians, with the essential nature of their work, to fully enter the mini-world of these children, getting a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education is the way to go. This degree can not help establish you as an expert in child care but make your journey smoother. 

Handsome Salaries

No matter how much you try to convince yourself of the rewarding nature of work, it can never be truly fulfilling if you don’t earn enough in the end. This notion is a completely natural way of thinking. If you are going to spend more years into the specialization, with all the student loans and debts, you ought to find a lucrative option that will allow you to pay off your loans with ease. The good news is that pediatricians are one of the most highly paid professionals globally! Doximity’s 2020 Physician Compensation Report stated the annual salary to be rounding up to $243,253. 

It is also known that these pediatricians can earn much more in private practice depending on their locations. 


When you enter a child’s world, it becomes a whole new opportunity for you to create a lasting impact on this child’s life. You are not just improving a child’s health but, in most cases, leaving a lasting impact on his life. It is not just about the illnesses you get to treat in the end but how you can transform that child’s emotional well-being that stays forever with the child in the future. Many of the mental or emotional issues, such as autism, behavioral disorders, or developmental issues, are by pediatricians that allow these kids to become productive and successful individuals. 


Fun At Work

Every tiny patient brings along a tiny package filled with fun and laughter. 

This sentiment is one of the reasons pediatricians never get tired of their patients. You get to decide on fun activities that you can carry out with the little ones and feel overwhelmed by their response. You get to joke around and get amused by these amazing children and the variety of ways they communicate and express themselves. Let’s say there’s never a dull moment with children and the best part is, you get paid to have this kind of fun!

Impact On Families

However fun and rewarding this line of work may be, some challenges are bound to come your way. It’s not a bad thing, of course. Each medical specialization is bound to have certain challenges; however, parents tend to be overprotective and over-stressed in children’s cases. You can’t blame them, but you can help them get through the tough phases of life and create an everlasting impact on the lives of each family member. Yes, there will be tragedies, but you can be a sign of hope for many families struggling with their children. As a pediatrician, you learn to treat the children and help their families better understand their children. It becomes a whole new level of accomplishment when you see struggling families learning how to smile again. You get to provide a service that stays with these families forever to remember. 

It is not just about what this field offers but how your skills make you a right fit for the job. 


If you decide to perform a  self-assessment, probably the first question you want to ask yourself is whether you have a generous amount of patience in yourself? Your med school must have given you an idea about your level of self-control and composure. Pediatric practice requires you to work with children, and these children often have their special ways of communicating their issues. Therefore, keeping your nerves composed and maintaining a stature is crucial in this practice line. 

If you love children and have the required amount of patience, you have the makings of a great pediatrician.


You must have noticed that the field of medicine requires keen observation skills that the patient may or may not be very vocal. This skill is required at an enhanced level when dealing with children as you have to pay close attention to little details such as gestures and facial expressions that can tell you more about the condition of these children. They often cannot convey all their feelings, symptoms, or emotions properly, so your keen observatory skills are at a test here. Again, this all comes when you start practicing with children, but pediatrics is the niche you fit in perfectly if you feel you are already that detail-oriented. 

Winding Up

The above reasons must have made you discover yourself more. You may feel that working with children could be challenging and sometimes extremely traumatic, but that’s the entire medical field for you. All patients, whether adults, adolescents, or babies, share similar stories of struggle and success but working with children becomes more rewarding and enjoyable in the longer run. 

You also get to play a role in these people’s lives which will shape the future for us.