Reasons why a career in nursing could be the ideal job for you

Ask most people what they find most satisfying about their job and you’ll get a range of answers – anything from the basic remuneration to the fact that a job can give a sense of purpose and of belonging to something bigger. 

However, if you speak to anyone involved in the care or nursing industry, you’ll likely hear an entirely different answer – most probably along the lines of feeling they’re making a difference to the lives of others and helping make a positive contribution to society. 

Year on year in surveys of the most rewarding careers, roles in the healthcare industry trounce the competition. There can surely be few better and more valuable jobs than those that allow you to help other fellow human beings – either through saving or caring for people when they’re at their lowest ebb and most in need of extra support.  

Why a nursing job could give you that extra boost you were always looking for

For the majority of people, a job is about far more than just the month-end wage check – but there really can’t be many more roles that give a greater sense of meaning than working in the care industry. Below are just a few commonly cited reasons why nursing could be the best job you ever do:

Studying is now more accessible than ever: Although the route into nursing will take dedication, intelligence and hard craft, it’s now easier than ever to study for a qualificationstudy a qualification and break into the sector. As with most qualifications, there is now a raft of options available for online or distance learning that could see you studying your certifications in your own time. The online nursing Pathways program like UTA has could see you studying at your own pace, in a place – and at a time – that suits you. 

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You’ll be doing a job that makes a real difference: As mentioned above, pretty much all jobs give some level of satisfaction to at least some degree – however, few can rival caring for others and making a real difference to people in times of suffering and need.

Benefits – there are many: Unlike many commercial roles, working in a nursing career offers job security and extra benefits. You’ll be guaranteed paid holidays plus will also have a structured career ladder to climb (with or without taking on extra accreditations and qualifications). Plus, you’ll also feel part of a much bigger collective with significant sideways career options should you wish to pursue them. 

You’ll have some of the greatest job security of any role: There’s little doubt the world is changing at a fierce pace and, what with the continued and almost incessant rate of technological progress, more and more jobs are looking at risk of being sidelined by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). While it’s undoubtedly true that tech is making inroads into the care industry (particularly from a research point of view), we’re a long way off machines being able to replicate the decision-making skills, empathy and care that are a required and inherent part of working as a nurse. If you’re looking for career security, you’ll be hard pushed to find anything that offers greater job longevity than working as a nurse. 

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