Your 9-5 Job

 Your 9-5 Job can be a bit too much some days. You get up in the morning, squeezing in your pencil skirts, or those tight ties that you must wear in order to follow the dress code. What if we told you that there are remote jobs that will give you the opportunity to work and progress while wearing a Hawai shirt and sipping a cocktail on some white sand beach? 

The following article will present to you remote jobs that can turn your life upside down overnight. While we’re at it, you should know that lately, the best OnlyFans pages are making whopping six figures a month while having tons of fun. If that’s not your call, keep on reading. 

Remote jobs that pay well 

Transcriptionist – Your 9-5 Job

Transcriptionist is a fancy term for a person who listens to audio or video recordings and turns what they hear into written content. It’s a really exciting job, but it can be challenging at times. Not every recording is clear and fluent, so mistakes can often be made. Right now, there is software that will help you in this job, clearing out any background noises and enhancing the conversation. 

If you have the perfect grammar and vocabulary, consider offering transcription services to clients. Setting up a professional profile on different platforms such as LinkedIn is a great place to start. After you gain some experience, people will hear about you and they’ll come looking for your services, instead of it being the other way around. 

Online Tutoring – Your 9-5 Job

If you’re good at something, never do it for free! It’s been a popular saying and for a good reason. You may have different talents, including ones for math, chemistry, languages… if you also have the skill to explain the whole material in a way that people will understand it better, then you should consider tutoring. You don’t even have to leave your home, because digitalization has made its advances. 

Platforms such as Zoom, WhatsUp, and Microsoft office, all accommodate your needs. The last one has its own benefits over the rest, providing you with the ability to attach files, share your screen, record calls, draw on a whiteboard, etc. if you want to explain the material better to your students, those tools will come in handy.

Sell Courses Online 

We all have different ways of learning things. While some learn better in real-time, others like learning new things from courses that are prerecorded and sold to them once. After that, they’ll have the course within arms reach, to play it over and over again. Now, there are two ways of making money here. The first one is to sell premade courses, and the second one is to record them yourself and later on sell them. 

If you choose the latter one, you need to be prepared and organized, have the right equipment, and a book if that’s possible. Having a workbook that your future students may buy or download online is a great addition as well. Other than the material, you’ll need to have a previous schedule of classes, their length, and everything that you’ll include inside. While making a course, you need to include everything that’s necessary, as you won’t have that opportunity afterward. 

Become a Virtual Assistant

Basically, you’ll provide solutions to clients and companies related to various different problems related to the same thing. You can be more general, scheduling appointments, sending and replying to emails, or you can become more specific and provide solutions related to social media platforms, such as improving your visibility on Instagram, and reaching your target group on Facebook… 

Becoming a virtual assistant can be the right job for you if you have an eye for details and if your time management is spot on. The web offers you different ways to start off your new career, including some free videos on YouTube and different courses and certificates, both completely free of charge and paid. 


Selling goods that never reached you sounded plain and non-profitable in the past, so people didn’t pay much attention to it. Those who did, however, are making 6 figures now, and we’re wondering how they succeeded. Dropshipping comes with a lot of income, with only a small portion of it being spent on website maintenance. You don’t have to pay for storage or shipping, so all the extras come straight into your pocket.

Dropshippers have their own stores online, where people choose what they need. After that, information is sent to the original supplies provider, with the address, email, and all the necessary information from the buyer. The dropshipping company gets a percentage because the buyer went ahead and ordered from their website, but they never get to see the physical product. Think of them as a mediator between the seller and the buyer, that gets a big portion of the payment.

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