Restaurant Ownership

The one thing that has the ability to bring people from all walks of life together is food. No matter where you’re from, what you believe, your political affiliation, or your socioeconomic status, the restaurants we all love invite all to join and indulge in a nice meal. And this is what the art of restauranteering is all about. It’s about bringing people together, and offering a fresh and unique dining experience for everyone to enjoy the Restaurant Ownership. 

Suppose you’re in the beginning stage of opening a pizza restaurant in Austin, Texas, how will you make your dining experience unique with the plethora of restaurants lining all corners of Austin?Suppose you’re in the beginning stage of opening a pizza restaurant in Austin, Texas, how will you make your dining experience unique with the plethora of restaurants lining all corners of Austin?

Well, the answer lies in your own innovation and creativity. And what you’re able to bring to the table to set yourself apart from the competition will define your establishment.

If you’re wanting to offer something unique to your patrons for Restaurant Ownership, the following will detail a few ways you can accomplish this. 

Begin with Your Staff

One thing that’s certain about the restaurant ownership, if you want to succeed, you have to have a well-trained staff. And these individuals need to love what they do. 

The problem with most restaurant staff is that they’re only in the restaurant business for a short while, never intending on making it into a long-term career. But don’t lose hope just yet.

Many of your regulars will come to your establishment just for the quality of service that certain staff members provide. And when you have a full FOH team of unique and charismatic individuals, these are the people who will bring in business and keep customers coming back. 

When you hire, consider a short probationary period, or utilize what’s known as a “staging” from the French word “Stagiaire.” This is when a worker works a couple of shifts unpaid so you can gain a perspective on how they interact with customers. And if they have the skills you desire, hire them on. After hiring them, make sure they take food handler training courses so they are familiar with any laws and regulations required. After completing the training they’ll be provided with a food handler certificate, which can be included in the pile of all the licenses and permits of your restaurant.

Make Everything a Signature Dish

Most restaurants offer something for everyone. Here in the United States, this often includes cheeseburger plates, fried foods, and common appetizers. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little character even to the common items.

Perhaps you’ll have a build your own burger option, or include a house burger with rare cheeses and high-quality Kobe beef, or even a burger featuring house-made buns. The options are endless.

When it comes to desserts, consider stepping your game up with useful culinary tools such as flavored cream chargers for your whipped toppings. Such flavors like passion fruit, blackberry, or blueberry when added to whipped toppings will likely offer something completely different from your competition down the street. 

The idea is to make every dish you present unique and unlike anything else in the neighborhood. 

Offer a Bar with a Twist

The bar is often the favored and more frequented area within a restaurant. In fact, beginning restaurants often report that liquor sales are usually what gets them by when food sales are low.

As such, having charismatic and engaging bartenders are a must for your bar to be successful. And to make this a unique experience, consider hiring bartenders experienced in flair-tending. This is the art of flipping and manipulating bottles and barware, and these entertainers are known for putting on a show that everyone will love.

Additionally, you could also offer bar amenities such as a cigar bar, ice shooters, oxygen rooms, or have a bar with full table service as well. And don’t forget to have plenty of high-end, top-shelf liquors for your high-rollers to choose from.

Owning a restaurant can be an exciting profession. You’ll find that not one day is like the next, and you’re always meeting new people from all walks of life. And this is what makes the business of having one of Cincinnati’s best restaurants so exciting. So if you want to stay in business, make sure you’re offering the community something they’d rather not live without.

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