Taking a walk can be a great way to commute around town, relax, and even get some exercise. While walking is generally considered a safe and healthy activity, there is always a chance that you could be involved in an accident as a pedestrian. Whether you are hit by a driver or biker, slip on a sidewalk, or are involved in any other type of accident, you will want to be assured that you receive proper medical attention. In some cases, the damage incurred as a result of the accident can be significant. In many cases, hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer would be a good idea. There are various situations in particular in which you should hire a pedestrian accident lawyer.

When You Incur Significant Injuries

One situation in which you always need to call a pedestrian accident lawyer is when you incur significant injuries. If you are hit badly enough in an accident that you need to see a doctor, you can be surprised how quickly the medical bills can add up. This can be made even worse if you need ongoing therapy, or surgery, or are simply not able to work for a period of time and lose out on wages. If you have incurred injuries and financial damage, you need to call a pedestrian accident lawyer immediately to start the process of filing a claim. This can help ensure you receive compensation quickly.

When the Other Party is Not Cooperative

Another situation when it can make sense to engage a pedestrian accident lawyer is when the other party is not cooperative. If you are involved in an accident with a motorist or other party, you will hope that the other party is willing to negotiate with you on a best-efforts basis to come to a fair conclusion. Unfortunately, there are situations when this does not occur. If the other party involved in the accident is not responding to your calls, will not cooperate, or is not willing to accept responsibility, calling a pedestrian accident lawyer is a necessity. These professionals will ensure you file all proper notices and ultimately force the other party to engage.

The Other Party is Not Insured

In many cases, if you are involved in an accident with a motorist as a pedestrian, similar to a slip-and-fall, the other party involved will have some form of liability insurance. This can be either through a property or auto insurance plan. When this happens, they will typically have ample insurance coverage to cover your damages. However, there are situations when they do not have enough insurance. In these situations, it is very important that you call a pedestrian accident lawyer. These professionals can work with you and the other party to come to a resolution and compensation plan.

Being involved in an accident as a pedestrian is always a challenging situation. No matter what you are hit by, there is a chance that you could be seriously injured, have to contend with medical bills, and may not even be able to work temporarily. In any of these situations, you will want to ensure you have proper legal support. These are some common situations when it does make sense to hire a lawyer to represent you following a pedestrian accident. 

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