solar pannel installation mistakes

Setting your home up with solar panels can help you get a sustainable backup source of electricity. It’s an alternative power source that is also growing in popularity. After all, it serves well in areas far from the nearest town, or when you need the means to save on utility bills. There are moments when eagerness overtakes prudent thought. With it, we end up committing mistakes in installing solar panels. Today, we will look at solar panel installation mistakes that you should avoid. Take note of these details so that you would be able to avoid these errors and let you install these panels properly.

1. Ignoring Your Home’s Structural Makeup

One of the solar panel installation mistakes that can prove catastrophic is this. If you don’t pay attention to your home’s structural makeup and composition, you might end up with a catastrophe.

Check the details on how wide and how much weight your roof can handle. This can help you avoid situations where the panel ends up caving in.

Another aspect here is how wide your panels should be. In order to take advantage of the wide coverage, you need to make sure your roof is just as wide to cover the area needed. So, be careful in choosing among the different solar panel designs to make sure you get the right ones.

2. Going for the Cheapest Solar Panels

The next thing to account for is the quality of the solar panels. Settling for the cheapest can prove to be a big mistake. What you want is something that does not compromise quality while hitting your solar installation budget.

Solar panels are an investment, and the right ones can last you a long time. You can call for solar installers to help you with this regard as it is also safer to do so.

3. Bad Panel Positioning

Solar panels convert the sunlight into electrical energy, but only when panels face the sun. While solar panels may not exactly present an aesthetically pleasing image, covering them up might compromise their performance. You can instead hide them away as long as you have enough sunlight going to the panels.

Mind the solar panel positions to make sure they get enough sun. Consider this when planning out where to install your solar panels.

4. Not Getting Multiple Quotes

You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to solar panels and solar installers. For this, you need to get to find the right balance that fits your budget yet still provides the quality you need. This is where having multiple quotes can help you.

Doing so gets you to weigh your options. This way, you can find the service provider that suits your needs.

5. Not Accounting for Solar Variability

Solar variability is another factor to account for. It pertains to the changes in the sun’s power output and how it affects the Earth’s climate.

Throughout the day, you would encounter different levels of sunlight and different parts of your roof would experience this. For better results, take note of the area on your roof that experiences the most sunlight throughout the day.

Avoid These Solar Panel Installation Mistakes Today

These solar panel installation mistakes help you optimize and make your solar panel system more efficient. Use the guide above to make sure your home doesn’t suffer today!

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