Spanish TV Shows

We live in a world where being bilingual is a necessity. There are many options available to learn a language and while for other things, watching television excessively is a practice often frowned upon, for learning a language expertsopine that binge-watching television series can actually help you improve your language skills. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages, and a lot of people spend hard cash to learn it. Watching Spanish TV shows, however, can make the learning process fun without having to spend extra. To start you off, here are some Spanish TV shows you can immerse yourself into:

Money Heist

La Casa de Papel in Spanish, Money Heist in English,this is a crime drama that was aired on Spanish televisiosa long time ago but gained popularity in recent times, and after it featured onNetflix its following only grew. It has received a lot of appreciation and awards. The series revolves around eight burglarswhoenter the Royal Mint of Spain and take people hostage, forcing cops to do their bidding. Watch out for Professor in this one. The mastermind behind it all, he’ll give you a run for your money.


Three youngsters with a middle-class backgroundgain admission to one of the most exclusive collegesof the country,Las Encinas- an institute where the Elite send their wards to study. The reason behind the change in their college was an earthquake that destroyed their college but now they must settle in their new surroundings.

As expected, however, things don’t go as planned. Elites don’t accept them there and they start clashing. A murder occurs amid it all and the relations worsen further.


You’re sure to have heard of this one. Based on the life of Pablo Escobar, a drug lord who rose to power in the 1970s, the crime drama, filmed in Colombia, explores his narcotics business. The series delves into how Escobar got involved in the dirty business and gives you insights into the cocaine trade in Colombia. With a DEA agent specially sent to kill him on the hunt, the show is never lacking in suspense.

Vis a vis

Vis a vis, known as face to face in English as well as by the name ‘Locked up’, is a Spanish series revolving around Macarena Ferreiro, a young lady who falls soft on her boss and thanks to him and blinded by love commits many crimes. But actions have consequences and she finds herself accused of crimes and jailed at the Cruz del Sur jail. Her life is completely changed.

The Barrier

Known as La Valla in Spanish, thisseries is set in the year 2045 when the world is facing an acute shortage of resources. In this futuristic apocalyptic world, dictatorial regimes are in place around the globe trying to put whatever natural resources are left to efficient use for its people. Survival in these tough conditions is hard and as the show progresses you see how humanity transforms.


A crime mystery series that’ll have you hooked,Hache narrates the story of a woman of the street, who makes a violent heroin dealer fall in love with her. She does everything in order to know all about the heroin smuggling in Barcelona. The dealings, the organizations, the routes. There are hardly any characters that are as interesting as her so make sure to give this show a try.

Cable Girls

Set in the 1920’s, Cable girls (or Las chicasDel cable in Spanish), is a historical drama. It is a tale of four young ladies who get employed in the first national telephone company of Spain. They get attached really quickly and you get to see their relationship grow. Their emotions and how they deal with and overall their struggles and theirprogress. They have different pasts but their futures are inextricably linked to the same fate.


This romantic drama, set in the 1950s, revolvesaround a man who has to run his family’s fashion house after his father’s demise. He was formerly in love with a seamstress, but they both were separated forcefully due to their differences. He has to fulfill his family’s wish now and focus on the business. However, his heart remains with his seamstress. Years after separation, he still feels the same for her. Now he will have to choose a life with his beloved, or a life devoted to his family business.

Final Words

There you go, these Spanish series are great for improving your vocabulary and listening skills. And, you can also learn various slang terms through them which is sure to help you master the language. All you need for this is a good cable TV connection and you’re good to go. Spectrum’s Mi Plan Latino TV gives you both English and Spanish channels so you might want to start there. Call their numerotelefonico to get the best deals. With that said, grab your blankets, get the popcorn popping, andbinge-watch these Spanish series. The next time you go to class, you’ll own it!