Styling Guide for Men

Want to dress to impress? Our styling guide for men features distinctive ways to upgrade your wardrobe. 

Whether you’re heading out for a formal business event or planning a casual weekend with friends, a statement accessory can go a long way. The best accessories for men have a way of elevating the look.  You can use them to play with your style or revamp an old ensemble. Additionally, learning how to accessorize make your ordinary outfit look like a million bucks when you step out and about the city.

It all depends air force 1 black and white on what you team up with your outfit of the day.  Moreover, the key lays in color coordinating and knowing what type of accessory fits the occasion. 

Here are some practical tips for amping your fashion game: 

Styling Guide for Men Tip # 1: Everyday Essentials 

 Get a Statement Watch or Two 

When it comes to buying the best accessories for men, watches come on top of the list.  They work well with casual everyday looks and formal wear, including your workwear. For business events, in particular, a great watch can pull your ensemble together.

This accessory exudes power and punctuality within a single glance. 

As far as purchasing the perfect timepiece is concerned, here are a few things to consider:

  • Steer clear of plastic contraptions and choose a solid silver or gold watch instead. 
  • Choose a minimalistic and timeless design to make your accessory last for years. 
  • Get a watch with an adjustable wrist band and ensure it fits.
  • Pick a color that complements most pieces of your wardrobe to avoid clashing.
  • Don’t be afraid to invest in a luxury watch instead of getting cheap knock-offs.  
  • Select a watch that aligns with your style sense instead of donning something to stick to a status quo.

Lastly, don’t choose a watch based on brand. Think of your comfort and personal style too. If you’re looking for inspiration, look at what your friends and colleagues are wearing. You can also flip through some magazines to find a design that’s trendy and timeless.  

Experiment with Your Ties

Ties are the go-to suit accessories for men. Transforming this traditional piece from standard to stylish requires you to experiment with colors. That means mixing and matching colors, patterns, and textures to make your business attire stand out.  

Here’s how to accessorize with ties:

  • Invest in a few solid colored ties, ranging from navy blue, maroon, and forest green to pastel shades. 
  • Diversify your tie collection with patterns and prints. Typical choices include polka dots, diagonal stripes, and geometric shapes. 
  • Wear novelty ties to make your holiday ensembles lively and vibrant. 
  • Opt for different lengths and widths to add more versatility to your wardrobe. 

Furthermore, you can take things up a notch by teaming your timeless ties with suspenders. Or substituting them for bow ties when you’re attending black-tie events. 

Pro-tip: Pair off your ties with cufflinks and pocket squares for board meetings and business events. These accessories for men make the outfit appear more put together. It also adds a new element to your daily workwear. 

Choose the Right Footwear  

Shoes are a no-brainer when you compile a list of the best accessories for men. Wearing the right footwear makes all the difference in the world. 

Learning how to accessorize shoes with occasion and dress codes simplifies the shopping spree. The first rule requires you to consider three things: buy shoes that fit well, look great with most outfits, and last long. 

Besides sturdiness and style, think of the occasion and location before purchase.

Learn how to accessorize with occasion-specific footwear:

    • Loafers, suede oxfords, and boots (or other formal footwear) are ideal picks for offices. 
    • Wear colored oxfords that complement your tuxedo/suit for parties and galas. 
  • Sneakers and trainers are a must-have for fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Moreover, feel free to jazz things up with colors, patterns, stripes and more for casual parties and date nights.  In this scenario, you can select something wilder and more exuberant to reflect your eccentric style. 

Styling Guide for Men Tip # 2: All About the Shades

It doesn’t matter if you have prescription glasses or not. Fashionable frames are one of the top fashion trends these days. So feel free to rock some shades or corrective frames when you get dressed.  

Here’s how you can have fun with frames: 


Gone are the days when wearing prescription frames certified you as a complete nerd or unfashionable person. These days, everyone dons them even if they don’t necessarily need them. 

Looking cool and hip while wearing glasses requires confidence and a dash of styling. For instance, buying patterned or colored frames add a nice pop of color to everyday ensembles. Subsequently, the brighter the color, the more personality they bring to your outfit.

If you want to go all out, you can experiment with multiple frame styles when you head to the shop. Get frames that match your face shape and stay put on the bridge of your nose. Once again, prioritize comfort over eyewear trends.  Otherwise, you might be directed towards the wrong pair of glasses that look out of place on your face.  


Despite popular belief, sunglasses are not limited to summers. You can wear them anywhere and everywhere you go. Like when you’re running errands or exploring the great outdoors.  The trick here’s to buy a pair of classic black sunglasses or brown aviators. Sticking to traditional designs makes outfit coordination simpler compared to finding an opportunity to don colored shades. 

Alternatively, if you have the budget to splurge, grab a trendy pair to elevate your style quotient.

Styling Guide for Men Tip # 3: Seasonal Picks 

Never let your style drop when the temperature does. Having a few weather-appropriate accessories ensure that you’re ready to power through seasonable changes in style.  The essentials in this category include hats and scarves. 


Hats are an excellent addition to outdoor looks. We recommend getting a woolen cap or beanie for colder seasons. You can opt for fedoras, straw hats, or baseball caps during warmer weather, depending on the occasion. Remember that hats give a casual vibe.

Therefore, you should not pair them off with formal looks unless you are wearing a top hat. 


Scarves are no longer a winter-only accessory for men.  You can wrap lighter, cotton and silk varieties during hot days without missing the mark. There are multiple options for this look. The main focus lies in colors and textures. Silk scarves with printed patterns are a hit for parties and formal events, while cotton neckerchiefs and long scarves work in casual settings. 

Alternatively, if you are dressing for winter, go for cozier pieces. Oversized blanket scarves, fuzzy knitwear, and woolens will keep you warm and comfy during chilly weather. With scarves, it’s best to go for solid shades that complement your go-to winter coats. 

Styling Guide for Men: It’s a Wrap!

On the whole, accessories for men have moved beyond belts and bowties. Think of the other aspects of your dress to learn how to accessorize with colorful pieces and patterned prints. Aim for versatility by working with different textures and color schemes. These subtle changes in your wardrobe will make a significant impact on how you dress.

So what are you waiting for? Go style your ensemble for the day with the best accessories for men. 

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