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Finding a steady job for yourself nowadays is not an easy task. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, millions of people have had to face the horror of being laid off. In times like these, one can only wonder what can be done to ensure a steady income. Well, there couldn’t be any better time for you to start thinking about your very own tech startup. A tech startup creates the possibility for you to escape the conventional 9 to 5 dynamic and take on the world on your own terms. There are a number of exciting tech startup ideas that you could go for. Luckily, many of them merely require a simple internet connection to turn them into realities. To help you out, we have highlighted a few of the best tech startup ideas that are definitely worth setting up with Tech Startups Ideas.

What are Tech Startups and Tech Startups Ideas?

Tech startups are companies formed for the sole purpose of bringing comfort and luxury into products and services with help from new technologies. You could either pick up an existing product or service and reinvent the concept to your liking, or you could dive into the deep end of the pool by introducing a completely new product or service for the public. When it comes to tech startups, the options are virtually limitless

Remote Collaboration with Tech Startups Ideas

Since the outbreak of the infamous COVID-19 virus, most offices have shifted into the ‘Work from Home” dynamic. Millions have been forced to continue with their official duties from their bedrooms and study rooms. The most common problem faced by people was the lack of collaboration with their colleagues. Remote collaborative apps such as Skype, Zoom, and some others became their saviors in all aspects of communication. It is safe to say that investing in remote collaborative technologies is something worth considering. Instead of relying on these tech giants, you could come up with your own technology that caters to the small problems that these giants ignore.


Blockchain has risen to fame since its dawn in August 2011. This technology is the reason people are moving on to crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. Blockchain is the technology that enables you to record and maintain financial transactions in a digital format. Moving forward, crypto-currency can be thought of as a possible replacement for cash and card currency due to its convenient and comfortable mode of payment. This is the right time for you to invest in blockchain technology if you wish to be one step ahead of your peers and colleagues.

Niche Blogging

Another promising startup idea is to start your very own niche blog. Think of a niche that you might be interested in. You could focus your efforts on creating engaging content regarding the latest trends, developments, and gossip of the industry. You would be able to generate a decent income with your blogs. You could set up your own website and showcase your work over there or you could even ask your work to be published on third-party websites that features your genre.

Social Media Influencing

Influencer marketing is a way for brands to promote their products and services with help from celebrities and other prominent figures. The reason this is effective is that the public is convinced much easily when they see common people like them endorsing a brand. You might argue that you are not a famous person and people would not be interested in what you have to say, but the thing is that every person has to start somewhere. You may start with your friends and family and work your way up. If you play your cards right, you might form it into a full-time career and never work anywhere else ever again.

Professional Gaming

Esports has become the center of attention for millions of players spread all across the globe. With games like Dota2, CS: GO, PUBG, Fortnite, and many others, PC and console gamers have had the opportunity to take their gaming skills to the next level. This particular startup has a number of perks that other ideas may lack. For starters, you would actually be playing for a living. Never again, will you have to face an annoying colleague or an irritating boss. If you think you have got the skills to be a pro gamer, then this is definitely a startup worth diving into. And there are all sorts of genres for you to choose from. There is FPS, MMORPG, Battle Royale, Role-Playing, and countless others that may pique your interest.

All in All

These are only some of the most promising tech startup ideas that we have discussed with you. There are probably hundreds, even thousands of ideas that you can explore. All they take is a little dedication and some hard work to convert into full-fledged careers.

By Swati