The Best Online Video Maker for Beginners

The Best Online Video Maker for Beginners

Professional photographers make quality videos, and in all honesty, we all love the quality! Nonetheless, they do not come cheap, and due to our financial constraints and busy schedules, we have to think of creating videos by ourselves.An Online video maker comes in to assist us in fulfilling our ambitions in photography and videography. The online Video Maker for Beginners are easy to use and do not necessarily require any background education in cinematography.

Key Criteria

There are optimized templates that assist us in producing high-quality videos in a matter of minutes. Here are some of the things you need to look for when looking for an online video maker.

1. Ease of Use

Time is of the essence where marketing is concerned. Videos are a great way to improve the reputation of your brand or your expression to the world. When scouting for a video, making software speed is essential.

The tool’s performance depends on how easy it is to navigate, add videos, include text, and share on social media platforms. Look for a device that requires no learning curve. Just a few clicks should be sufficient to produce a high-quality video.

2. Affordability

The cost of starting should not scare you. A good platform for you as a beginner should include free plans and a trial period. The only investment you need is internet connectivity.

Online tools are great since you do not need to own a hardware device to get started. You can pop into a cyber or even borrow a computer, and without downloading any software, you are done.

3. Flexibility

A great tool should give you control to achieve your idea. The flexibility to choose the template that matches your desired theme color, selection of images, videos, and text is paramount.

The best tool gives you the liberty to freely express your thoughts and ideas. Platforms with numerous templates to select from are great as you can expand your imaginations and creativity.

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4. Social Platform Integration

A great tool should allow you to share your videos directly to social media platforms. The process should be simple, instantaneous, and seamless. Sharing your content on social medial will enable you to gain huge traffic to your timeline, improve engagements, and improve sales for products.


Promo is an award-winning online video creating tool that allows you to create, edit, and share your videos. Promo is known for making excellent videos for product promotions, but it also has perfect video templates for social media enthusiasts.


  • Ease of use
  • The platform has a user-friendly interface and numerous templates, and lots of resources to learn.
  • Customer Support
  • The platform has 24/7 customer service professionals to help you get started and help you with any questions.
  • Library Portfolio

You can choose from the over 23 million premium video clips, 150,000 standard video clips, and tons of fully licensed music.

Promo has a two months free trial. The basic plan costs $49 a month and allows you to select three premium clips with unlimited video downloads and no custom watermark.

The standard plan gives you unlimited access to premium clips and video downloads. You can manage one brand and customize your watermark.

The plan costs $99 a month. Pro plan costs $359 a month and grants you unlimited access to premium clips and video downloads. You can manage up to ten brands, use white label sharing, and have reseller rights for your videos.


Animoto is a cloud-based online video maker that is useful in creating video clips, web-based presentations, and slideshows. Some of the features that make Animoto easy for beginners include the drag and drop component that allows you to have videos and photos to a pre-built template.

There are a variety of templates enabling you to customize your video to your fit. Prior experience or expertise is not mandatory in the platform’s use; thus, you can create and share your videos in a short time.

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They have a free trial available for users and a monthly charge of $8.



  • Very easy to use with an intuitive user interface and numerous templates from which you can choose.
  • It has over 3 million media library and which you can filter by category.
  • It has 24/7 chat support.
  • Direct sharing is allowed for Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

It has a 14 day trial with limited features. Its pricing is $10 per month for the business subscription and $30 per month for the unlimited plan.



  • The simplicity of use with informative pop-ups in service of each tool.
  • The stock library has hundreds of thousands of videos and audio clips.
  • Has no social media sharing options
  • Uses Chrome browser for best performance

The basic plan is free and allows downloads in 480p. Creator plan costs $9/month and gives you an unlimited download option in 720p.

Business plan cost $19/month with cloud backup, compression, and 1080p video quality. The business platinum costs $39/month with unlimited audio and video stocks and offers cloud backup.



  • Easy to use due to drag and drop edit features
  • Numerous animate and pre-made video templates.
  • Huge library of quality royalty-free music. From the direct share option of completed videos on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook.

The free plan grants you access to the tools for creating videos but requires a few to export them. The payment option starts at $23 a month with unlimited exports and royalty-free content.

Wrapping Up…

If you happened to know nothing about video production, afraid not! As you can see, there are many useful video makers that you can just simply use for free online. Just get started with any of the tools above and be ready to impress your audience with your amazing videos.

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