Settings for Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), also known more simply as Mobile Legends, is a MOBA game created by a Chinese company named Moonton. In just 6 years, this Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title has reached unimaginable heights and is now played by 80 million people around the globe. As an esport, it features big tournaments that provide both spectacle as well as the chance to place MLBB bets. If you’re new to the game, in this guide you will learn more about its settings and how to choose them for an optimal gaming experience.- Settings for Mobile Legends

The Most Important Mobile Legends Settings

As the name suggests, Mobile Legends is a mobile game. And that means one thing: in most cases, the resources it needs to work with are quite limited compared to a PC game like League of Legends or Dota 2. Of course, if you have the resources, you may buy ml boosting cheap. But a lot of gamers need to optimize their settings for better performance and competitive gameplay.

Here are the most Mobile Legends settings that you need to know about:

Camera Height

This Mobile Legends setting determines how much of the battlefield you will see at any given time. Phones with a wider screen will give you a natural advantage, but you can achieve the same effect by simply using a High value for your camera height. This value can be modified from the Basic Settings tab.



This setting allows you to see more clearly whether or not you’re targeting who you want to target by outlining the enemy. If you’re new to the game, this can make everything clearer in the middle of a fight, when the action gets extremely chaotic, and you have trouble keeping track of your key target.


It’s important to see everything properly. Because of that, using the Smooth option is quite important. You could also choose one of the more specific options: Medium, High, or Ultra. But on most phones, Smooth is the optimal choice because it gives you both quality textures and high performance.

Creep HP

Definitely use this one if you have trouble last-hitting. New players often can’t tell if their damage is high enough to land the last hit based on the HP bar of a creep. But if you see the actual number of remaining hit points, doing the math is quite easy.

Damage Text

This is not necessary, and it could even be annoying when there’s a lot going on. The tiny screen of your phone can easily get filled with numbers that you don’t want to see. So it’s better to set this to Off.

Optimized FPS

The number of frames per second is important in any game. But it’s even more important in competitive games like MLBB because it gives you a real advantage. However, high FPS comes at a cost, and you don’t always need it. Because of that, using the Optimized FPS setting can be really helpful. With it, your device will find the right balance between how good everything looks and how many frames per second you get.

HD Mode

This is one of those options that you should always set to Off unless you have a high-end phone. You really don’t need it for gameplay, and it will drain your phone’s resources much faster. Consider it a luxury setting.

HFR Mode

Setting this to On will keep your game running at 60 FPS, which is the standard value you’re aiming for in games like MLBB.


Colorblind Filter

If you happen to be colorblind, setting this to On will solve that problem by changing some of the colors in the game. So, for instance, your ability to see your HP bar will improve dramatically.

Skill Vibration

This is unnecessary and could even hinder your gameplay. It may be fun for a while but after that, it becomes annoying. Don’t set this to On unless you really enjoy having your screen vibrate every time you use an ability.


Some Mobile Legends settings are a matter of preference. Others fully depend on the qualities of your device. Always keep performance in mind when choosing. In esports, the goal is to have perfect gameplay, not perfect graphics. But if you can have both, that’s even better.