Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is one of the most popular gaming platforms in India and it has become phenomena over the last few years. During the lockdown period 2020, Fantasy cricket witnessed an enormous increase in the number of users playing the game. Since then, numbers have continued to flourish. Since cricket is the most popular game in India, Fantasy cricket too witnessed a growing popularity among Indian cricket enthusiasts. Cricket has grown rapidly and tremendously in the segment of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy cricket is a platform for every cricket enthusiast to pick a team of 11 players and earn exciting cash prizes and rewards by defeating the opponent in the contest or league. Moreover, you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge about the sport while playing fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket is a game of skill as it requires a lot of mental application while applying tactics. However, Fantasy cricket is one of the favourite games played in India. It is played as a form of entertainment in order to strike boredom. The users enjoy playing the game as it will get them involved in a match. Over the last few years, people are hooked on playing fantasy cricket. There are main reasons why the users and followers of the sport enjoy playing Fantasy Cricket. 

Here are five reasons why people love Fantasy Cricket

  • The Excitement of Facing Competition 

When you play fantasy cricket, you will have stiff competition from your opponents in order to top the league or contest. However, at the same time, you will enjoy the competition as it will provide you with immense joy when you actually play fantasy cricket. Moreover, the people defeating each other in the game give the pleasure. There could be hundreds of contests and leagues in fantasy cricket, but participating and competing in it will be exhilarating. People backing their contest or fantasy cricket league and expecting them to win every match is exhilaration that every user or player has while playing the game. 

  • Invested Interest in Success 

In fantasy cricket, many will be pooled by the number of participants in the contest or league. You will have to pay an entry fee in order to participate in fantasy cricket. The game will begin once the money is pooled. The winner of the league will take home the majority of the money at the end of the game. In every fantasy cricket platform, the winner will receive amazing cash rewards and prizes. In some leagues, there are monetary rewards every week and some parts will be given to the runner-up. Therefore, fantasy cricket should be played with an aim of winning the contest or league. 

  • Social Experience 

When you play fantasy cricket, you are not just playing but you will connect with the people. Fantasy cricket is indeed a big event due to its popularity and therefore, it provides a social experience. When you connect with the people on fantasy gaming platforms, especially fantasy cricket, you can make friends with the opponents and learn about their understanding of the game. You can also share tips and strategies to help each other grow in fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket is a great opportunity to create social connections. 

  • Excitement of Creating Your Own Team

When you play fantasy cricket, everything is in your control. It gives one important power that is to create your team of 11 players. You have freedom to pick your team and play them in fantasy cricket. Moreover, you have the chance to choose the players based on their performances and have higher chances of scoring and taking wickets which in turn will help you win more points in a contest or league. Importantly, pick your players in your team based on their performances in recent outings rather than looking at overall stats. When you make your team, you will feel that you are the coach of the team. 

  • Choosing Your Captain and Vice-captain 

The big opportunity for the users in fantasy cricket is selecting their captain and vice-captain in their team. From the team of eleven players you have picked, you will select a captain and the deputy to score extra points. You should pick a captain and vice-captain who you think will perform well in a match and can help you win double points. Therefore, you should be careful while picking up the captain and vice-captain of your team. Certainly, the users won’t risk losing the extra points.

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