Ex-military and other veterans are the pride of every nation. They risk their lives for their citizens’ protection and survive without food and water for days in an inhabitable environment. They never complain about anything. Hence, it is our duty as a nation to take care of our veterans. They are constantly reliving past tragedies in the confusing modern world. Not only them but even their families also suffer. They try to adjust their life according to the needs of their ex-military family members. Hence, they expect the same from other people.

Reforming the veterans:

The unbearable struggles of the veterans are met with certain overwhelming efforts of different communities in the country. They have opened their arms to facilitate the needs of the veterans and their families. However, the number is considerably low. It does not match the returning number of military professionals and their needs. According to the Pew Research Center, there will be approximately 19 million veterans in the USA by 2021. This number is exponentially increasing, and very few organizations cater to their needs.

The extensive wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the country have exhausted the U.S. soldiers. It has increased the surge of the veteran influx in the country, but no one is prepared to take care of them and their families. A U.S. Navy veteran center that offers assistance for veterans with mesothelioma is one of the few exceptions. It is a disease occurred by asbestos, and it is the most common health issue in Navy veterans. They have designed their online portals to improve accessibility for veterans and help them with their physical issues. 

Some important healthcare reforms are needed to be taken. These reforms can help the veterans and their families to live an honorable life. These points are discussed as follows:

  • Community inclusiveness

The most important reform in improving the services for the veterans depends on community inclusiveness. It can only be done by educating people and telling them about the struggles of our loved service members. It will create a sense of empathy and gratitude in the community. A soft image of the military will be promoted among the citizens. It will motivate the small, medium, and large business owners to create a quota for the veterans. Moreover, the main objective is to ensure that the people and veterans feel it is their right. It should not seem anything less than gratitude.

  • Improving accessibility

Accessibility is an important element in opening arms and helping the elements. Veterans should feel easy to approach people that can help them. Some veterans face disabilities due to their service. They cannot afford to move around and struggle. Hence, there should be a strong focus on improving accessibility. The existence of the digital world has helped in making things more accessible. There need to be more efforts in the online world to transform traditional practices. The digital world can be a significant intermediary in providing accessibility to veterans and their families.

  • Developing a dialogue

People in society are disconnected from the veterans, and there is a need to create a dialogue between them. It is important to give the veterans a space for catharsis. We can ask them about their time in services. Also the issues they faced and the experiences they gained. They are usually suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Life is already tough for them, and we must make it more livable. It isn’t easy to understand their point of view without communicating with them and their families. Their hardships are for the country.

  • Engaging the front-line workers in healthcare

During a medical emergency, paramedics, nursing staff, and other caretakers are first in contact with a patient. It is crucial to educate these people about the needs of veterans. It is a multi-faceted approach. They can improve the quality of service for the veterans. A special appointment can include veterans to understand their fellow service members better. The family members of these veterans can also play an important part in improving the quality of service for the veterans.

  • Higher level integration

To enhance veterans’ life, senior military officials must intervene. They can coordinate with the healthcare sector and identify the problems that veterans are facing. Then there can be some policy-level initiatives for setting standards regarding the services given to the ex-military personnel. The main focus of the integration is to increase the value of people who have served the country by risking their lives. They left their loved ones at home without any surety of return. It is important to create a safe space for the family and friends of the veterans as well.

  • Media Narrative

The media narrative can strongly impact reforming healthcare for veterans and their families. The media has a direct link with people, and they can bring attention to the issue. They can make waves in the higher echelons of political management. It can change people’s lives and provide legal backing for those involved. The media needs to step up and play the role of a leading force towards a positive change. They can shed light and share the story of the people involved in the wars. They can describe their struggles. Also, as the trauma, their families went through it as well. It can produce remarkable results for society as a whole. The media is considered a significant state institution that has the power to move mountains. It can promote the military’s soft image and healthcare reforms for veterans. It is undoubtedly their right to lead a respectful life after their time in service. The world will pay tribute to the media’s efforts and increase their social prominence tenfold.


The veterans and their families suffer a lot even after the service ends. They continuously have to fight for their rights. They deserve the best healthcare in the country. However, they are denied that right. Educating the community about their struggles is important and motivating them to be part of a positive change. It will be an alarming time when no one will be willing to put their life on the line for their nation. Through the efforts of the media, higher-level military personnel, community inclusiveness, healthcare workers, and communication, the world can be a better place for our brothers in arms.