In 2022 mental health is high up on the agenda of many people around the world. The covid-19 pandemic brought with it fear and apprehension as the world witnessed the sometimes devastating effects of the virus. There has been some research on the effect that the pandemic had on the mental health of populations and how isolation and the anxiety that came with the pandemic caused mental health problems to become more widespread. Today there is war in the news on a daily basis along with an emerging cost of living crisis and rising inflation levels affecting many of the developed countries around the world. Combine this with the now noticeable effects of climate change and it should be no surprise that mental health has become a focal point for discussion. Thankfully one way to help promote better mental health is to wear suitable clothing that allows comfort and relaxation. This article describes five key examples of how and why choosing the right clothing can promote improved mental health. 

1. Dressing well helps improve self-esteem

Looking good for yourself is an excellent way to improve self-esteem and mental well-being. Whilst it can be difficult to feel like dressing well if you are feeling down or depressed, it is important to take care of your personal appearance. The main point is to dress well for your benefit of yourself rather than other people’s perceptions of you. You should be comfortable in what you are wearing and dressing well can help you feel better about yourself. Studies have also shown that being well dressed can give others a positive opinion of you which may lead to better and more meaningful interactions with people, which can further serve to boost mental well-being. 

2. Clothing helps with self-expression

Whether you are a fashionista or completely uninterested in the fashion world, clothing is still a valuable form of self-expression. This becomes apparent for many children as they begin to enter puberty. Around this time, they will be searching out more in-depth ways of defining themselves and viewing their place in the world. One way this is done is to find a fashion style that fits with the person’s values and general fashion sense. Clothing and self-expression go together perfectly and finding your own unique style is something that most people go through. As people age, their sense of style and taste may change, and as such, they may prefer different styles. In short, the clothing that people wear is an extension of themselves. As a result, it is far better to be guided by your own choices and tastes rather than following other peoples’ tastes. Self-expression in clothing can help build a strong self-image and as such, it can be a valuable tool to promote better mental health and well-being. 

3. The right clothing can help with sleep

Getting adequate amounts of sleep every night is an important way to safeguard your mental health. It is recognized that having seven to nine hours of decent quality sleep each night allows the body to recover from the stresses and strains of the day. Conversely, missing regular sleep can lead to increasing levels of stress, poor concentration, and worse mental health. By choosing comfortable nightwear you will be far more relaxed at night and will be more likely to get superior-quality rest and sleep. There is a wide range of both men’s and women’s sleepwear that has been designed with comfort and style in mind. It is worth considering excellent quality nightwear as an essential clothing item to promote improved mental well-being through sleep.

4. Improves body image

In 2022 the world of media and online entertainment is constantly bombarded by images of supposedly flawless models who are wearing the latest high fashion. The message this can send to young or impressionable minds is not always a positive one, especially when some models seem to be painfully thin or have undergone surgery to have large behinds and breasts. The fact is that people come in all shapes and sizes and should not feel under pressure to be a different shape to gain acceptance. Wearing clothes that fit your body shape and make you feel body confident can help with your overall body image and general mental well-being. As mentioned above, it is important to choose clothes that you are comfortable in and that reflect your own styles and tastes rather than those of others. 

5. As a driver for socializing 

Having a great night out or attending a social occasion that is full of fun times and entertainment can be a great boost for any person’s mental well-being. By dressing well and making an effort to look your absolute best the social event can become a genuinely exciting one and can make for special memories. Socializing is a good way to feel connected with others and understand more about who you are and your place in the world. Going out regularly with friends can also help prevent social anxiety from becoming an unwanted part of your life. After the recent memories of lockdowns due to the pandemic, it is more important than ever to get out and have fun with those close to you. Take pleasure in dressing up for social events and help give yourself more enriching life experiences.

By Swati